my favorite day of the year

Easter Egg Hunt Saturday is my favorite day of the year. More than Christmas or Halloween or birthdays or anything- it is THE BEST.

This is why: we have an egg hunt at my mom’s in the morning with the kids in their cute little outfits. THEN WE HAVE NO FURTHER PLANS. Everyone eats and makes food, the kids play outside in the glorious late March/April weather. Allergy season hasn’t quite hit us yet- it isn’t too hot, it isn’t too cold- we have nowhere to be but together. No expectations, just play time.

This year, my mom had to miss the big hunt to be in Utah with her brother- but she had everything all set and ready before she left. A couple of us went over early and hid all the kid Easter eggs- my dad got up at 6 and hid the Golden Eggs (for adults) before we got there. He is the best.

This was Thatcher’s first hunt and once he figured out there were TREATS in the eggs, he was all in. Actually after two or three eggs he sat down like he wanted to eat as he went. lol. Also, babies in overalls? Yes, please. As my big kids get older, they need me less. Which is nice on one hand, and a little bittersweet on the other. I have fewer pictures of my big kids because they are off playing, doing things with their cousins, they don’t need me to hand hold and show them where eggs are.

very excited about his bounty.

too busy to pause

girl cousins

every year, after the hunt is over- they sit in the playhouse and swap candy and compare baskets

I initially thought my boys looked a little alike.
Here it is clear they do not.
I think Thatcher is orange.

this took fifteen minutes

Me to Jazz: “Do you want to do a family picture today or tomorrow?”
Jazz to me: “ugh lets just get it over with.”

the fluff hair could provide world peace

NEXT MORNING: Easter Sunday, we had general conference for the church. So relaxing and mellow and uplifting. The kids checked their baskets- (which btw when did Easter become Spring Christmas?? I see all these big gifts and electronics and I’m over here with like books and bubbles and some treats?)

Easter bunny shops at Target too.

chocolate for breakfast

After the kids went through their baskets, Isabelle disappeared and came back with an egg card she had made- one for me and one for Jazz. She is 100% the sweetest person I know and I wish I could take any credit for that.

Easter is always “wavy” for me… we celebrate the life of Christ and the gift He has given us. It’s always a few weeks before Maxwell’s birthday so I’ve got that big wave of emotion on the horizon. Some years I keep it together more than others. A constant is my appreciation for His sacrifice so that I can see Max again, so that I can hold him and know him and be is mama in a way I can’t right now. That never lessens for me- the hope and knowledge that he is mine and a hundred percent part of our family and this separation is temporary. As we ease into April and conquer another year apart, I’m thankful for this family of mine and our traditions that make things special.

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