Thacher- One month!

It’s been a month!

Thatcher has bumped up to size one diapers, he’s 10.5 pounds on our home scale. Eats every three hours during the day, sometimes we get a four or five hour stretch at night. (yay for sleep) He loves his warm bath time and his little chicken legs are filling out and getting chunky. He’s already growing out of his newborn jammies- I’ve put several away and I can’t believe it! He doesn’t love being in his car seat until we are actually driving and then he’s usually cool about it. I use the solly wrap a lot and he loves to be all tucked up and cuddled. Target plus baby wearing is my favorite activity when the kids are at school. Buy all the things, then return some because you didn’t actually need them. (That Cat and Jack line is absolutely killing me.) He is starting to hold his head up more and more- his head seems huge now compared to when he was born. He is really such a good baby, hardly fusses, sleeps through the noise, eats on demand. I love him so much.

We are adjusting really well to having this baby in our house. Isabelle wants to hold him, rub his head, watch me change his diaper, anything to be involved. Lincoln asks a lot of good questions but hardly slows down enough to notice the baby is actually there. The trickiest part at this point is juggling nursing/sleeping and then getting up and going with the big kids. No more “sleep when the baby sleeps” business. Jazz is great help and most mornings are tag team. It’s nice to know that this intense lack of sleep phase eventually ends- I’ve been to that other side and I know I’ve just got to keep going and fatten him up.

Sometimes he’s awake and alert and we are chit chatting I’m just overwhelmed. I’m so thankful that he is here safe and sound. Thankful we persevered and kept going even when things were HARD. Timehop reminded me that about this time last year we had all of testing done for our losses and everything came back normal and we had to decide how to proceed. So much has changed in a year. I’m so glad to be on the other side of that. It felt impossible. So many answered prayers.

We get a lot of one one one time, just me and night or when the kids are at school. I look at his tiny face and I wonder what he knows, what he remembers about Max. Tell me stuff, I say. He looks so much like one of my children, and I love that he fits right in. I can’t believe how happy I am when there was a time I thought I never could be again. I love him SO MUCH and I know he is so special, he has healed me in so many ways.

stripes on stripes on stripes. my fav.

real clothes!

we made it to church

my favorite outfit ever. tiny mocs

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