Thatcher’s Newborns

When Thatcher was nine days old, my dear friend Kara came over to do newborn photos. She did Lincoln’s newborns, I had her booked to do Maxwell’s too but we never got the chance. She has done lots of family photos for us through the years and she’s gone from photographer to really good friend. After Max died, we had several girls nights in her breezeway, sitting in a circle by twinkle light and crying together. It was all I could do to keep it together while she took pictures of Thatcher and my other kids. I feel like we’ve been waiting so long for this baby to be here- and it felt like it would never happen- and then suddenly he was here and swaddled on my bed. All perfect and soft and pink and sleeping.
Of course when Kara got these back to me, I couldn’t contain my emotions and I BAWLED like ugly cry. I totally treasure these photos and it took me so long- like weeks- to choose one for our birth announcement because I love them all. Thatcher seems so much bigger and filled out since she took these- I’m so glad we got them done when we did. They unfrog so fast!
Oversharing ahead.

heart explosion
This one is my favorite. Like, top three. His little face! agh!

so little
Can you even! 

I love his little side rolls. The diaper looks so big too.

I love this one.
And this one!
Izzie has been so excited for this baby.
this one…oh man…

his little fingers all laced together! And his smile! Gah!
For real this is my number one favorite. I love this one so much.

tiny toes

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