Isabelle’s Birthday Festivities

Last week we celebrated Isabelle’s 7th Birthday. SEVEN! Her birthday fell on a Tuesday, so it was sort of a regular day. She requested blueberry banana waffles for breakfast and JaNae’s recipe for orange chicken for dinner. Done.

She woke up several times in the night when I was feeding Thatcher- just popped her head out and asked how many more minutes until morning. Bless her heart, she was so excited. Her big gift was a really fun Polaroid camera that also has a little memory card. She has taken so many stellar pictures of objects, stuffed animals, her brothers- even me sleeping with my mouth open. It’s pretty great.

You know we tend to overdo birthdays a little bit in our house.. but being three weeks post c-section with a newborn, I knew I couldn’t handle our normal level of celebration. We went back and forth, party, no party, just family, whatever. My sister suggested having it in my parents’ backyard. DUH. Perfect solution. They have a giant yard with all sorts of fun things- I wouldn’t have to clean my house or make anything presentable. Win/win.

Luckily I have the greatest parents ever who were willing to host this party for us. Mom took over all the activities. Dad beautified the yard and got out all their toys and outdoor games. I ordered a pinata on amazon, picked up some food from the store, and we had ourselves a party.

The morning of the party, we were gathering last minute items and getting the kids ready. My hair was wet, I was on the couch feeding Thatcher. I kept saying to Jazz, “Can you believe how mellow I am being!?” Usually I am running around crazy trying to get everything ready and I gotta say… this was a really nice change of pace. I have a hard time letting things go or delegating or accepting help but I really HAD to and I’m so thankful I did. Isabelle had the best party ever- she had so much fun with all of her friends. No big theme, no elaborate table spread…I didn’t get great pictures of the party, I didn’t even get a picture of the cake, I totally forgot to buy a candle but it didn’t matter. She was thrilled. I spent half of the party sitting outside feeding Thatcher, watching them all run around and play.

Grandma had halloween crafts for everyone.
LOL this table makes me laugh. Costco for the win.

Pinata circle

After everyone left, my mom said, “Man, Isabelle sure has a nice group of friends.” And she does! She is so sweet and kind and naturally has attracted little friends who treat her the same way. I love that. Plus, several of them have little brothers same age as Linc which is fun. We spent the rest of the day at moms- the weather was beautiful, the cousins played together, we had dinner together and headed home. Best party ever.

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