summer outdoors

We had the most random break in the weather a few weeks ago. Usually it’s over 100 degrees everyday, but for three days we dipped down into the 70’s. It was HEAVEN. We used the nice weather to knock a few things off of our summer bucket list before it was sweltering. One day we “hiked” to some falls up at Whiskeytown. Hiked in quotes because it was paved and less than a mile. We packed a picnic and made an adventure out of it. Food always tastes better as a picnic, what is the science behind that.

Izzie’s junior swim team lessons are at 9 am M-Thursday for six weeks. The last two weeks, Lincoln has had swim lessons right after that. So basically we are in the water A LOT. Hours and hours everyday. It’s been so hot the last few weeks that you can’t be outside without being in the pool. It’s just too melty. We are so lucky Grandma’s pool is right around the corner! Isabelle is learning how to dive standing up. Lincoln has suddenly flipped a switch and become a FISH. He just owns that pool and does a pretty good job keeping up with the “bigger” kids. Goggles, his tiny swim shorts, and he is good to go. Izzie always has a fuzzy swim bun and a wedgie from her suit. My favorite little people.

like a boss

Well I am losing sight of my feet these days. I just hit the whoa I can’t bend over phase, stuff on the floor becomes lost forever. This was last week at 27 weeks, and now I am officially in the third trimester! Yes! Let’s do this!

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