summer ballet review

Last week Isabelle had a summer ballet review with her dance class. They have been working on a show piece for a few months and she was SO excited to perform it for us. For the “review” the girls take us through their class- warm up and barre and floor and then they did their finale number. Is there anything cuter than a bunch of girls in pink tights and black leos?

Grandma does this class every Thursday, and it’s honestly the highlight of her entire week. She LOVES the class but I think more than that she loves having her special time with grandma. After the class, they go to Grandma’s for special playtime, sometimes she takes them to the dollar store or to dairy queen. The DQ, they call it.

up like a banana, down like a pancake

best friend cousins

Be still my heart! 

I think their favorite part was eating the refreshments after. Lincoln obviously just wanted to run around and chase his friends.

People ask us why we moved back to Redding, and this is why. Thursday ballet class with Grandma. Sunday family dinners. Cousin sleepovers. Birthday celebrations. Running into my mom at Target. Once I left Redding I never EVER thought we would move here, to the heat, to the no airport, to the lack of shopping, no chic fil a. Important things. Turns out those important things aren’t as important as we thought. We moved into our house a little over six years ago, Isabelle wasn’t quite crawling yet. Now she’s prancing around in a blue fluffy tutu, swimming like a fish, telling me which diapers to buy for the baby.  Even when its 108 outside, we are so glad we live here. We need our people.

I’m so proud of this little person. She has always been so so sweet (despite the first year of constant crying) and I love seeing her stretch and grow. She’s 6. And pretty soon she’s gonna be 16. And 26. My heart will break when she moves away from me. But just mayyyyyybe I’ll be lucky enough to see her raise daughters, and take them to dairy queen and the dollar stores on Thursdays.

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