25 Weeks

I think every pregnancy I get less thorough at documenting, but better late than never I guess. I went back and compared this picture to my other pregnancies. Bad idea. Don’t compare. I’ts not helpful.

25 weeks! Baby boy is viable! 12 inches long, weighs a pound and a half, kicks and wiggles a lot- mostly in the evenings when I am paying attention. Nothing better than that reassuring feeling of “hey, I’m in here.” This is my favorite part- where you look pregnant but you aren’t miserable, the baby moves around a lot, clothes still fit, food tastes good again, heartburn isn’t insane, sleeping is still a thing. This is my first pregnancy in the Redding summer- my other babies have been January and April babies, so I didn’t have to endure the heat. Izzie was due in September but we lived in Utah at the time and it’s just not the same level of HOT. 
Now that school is out and temperatures are 100+ degrees everyday, we are inside the AC or at the pool. Yesterday we spent almost five hours swimming with the family and it was really fun. Lincoln decided he can legit swim now- he was at Grandma’s for a few hours without me and when I came to get them, he was swimming the width of the pool without any assistance. Isabelle also got over her weird fear of the pool slide and combined I think they went down that thing a hundred times. Slide, exit, do it again. Break for sandwiches and watermelon, back in the pool. Break for popsicle, back in the pool. This is how we are going to spend the summer. Lather, rinse, repeat. 
Also LOL to maternity swimwear. Does not exist. The hardest part of being pregnant for me is gaining weight. I think I discuss this every time, because *surprise* it bothers me every time. Look, I KNOW weight gain is a part of pregnancy. I KNOW. But my body and genes just really pack it on, despite trying to eat healthy and exercise. Last week I walked 45 miles! It’s not like I am sitting on the couch with one hand in a costco bag of doritos and the other hand spooning ben and jerrys into my mouth. I have to remind myself– this is my fourth full pregnancy, this is the first time I’ve been unable to exercise through the first trimester. And to be fair, my body has been pregnant at some point of every year for the last NINE YEARS. There are worse things, and I’m trying to keep perspective here, but it’s still HARD for me. I gain weight everywhere. I know I will lose it, time and a season, etc. I’m thrilled to be pregnant, to be able to gain weight at all. Just trying not to let those sneaky hate spirals happen. Be cool, Micci… be cool.
It’s becoming more real to me now- we have made it this far, baby has a healthy heart, like in 14 weeks we will have a REAL BABY to bring home! Hopefully by then we will have a name, and a few things washed and ready. I think the only thing we really need is a new carseat, it expired since Max was born and we had to recycle it. (Car seats expire. This is real.) I’m so happy we get to buy a new car seat for a new baby.
captain no-pants
Also Linc was really excited about the camera with the remote so he set up his most favorite toys and took about a hundred pictures. He’s just the best.

1 thought on “25 Weeks

  1. You look great! I loved that stage of pregnancy too. Enjoy your summer in the pool and before you know it, that little baby will be here! So excited for you 🙂


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