end of the school year

Isabelle has three days of school left. She’s been counting down for like a month now- maybe longer. Lincoln’s preschool finished a few weeks ago and now we are just coasting until summer. I always have mixed feelings about the end of the year… I love the freedom of summer. Slow mornings! No packing lunches or doing homework! No mid day pickups. But then also, it’s summer. My job as a stay at home mother and Director of Everyone’s Lives totally changes- 12 hours every day without school.

We have swim lessons planned- Linc has a two week course and Isabelle a six week junior swim team thing. A lot of swimming. A LOT. It’s already going to be 111 this week. I need a maternity swim suit or else I’m going to melt out there. We usually make a summer bucket list too- that always helps with ideas for activities. There are some summer camps through the city and I might get Linc involved a couple.

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been teaching music to Isabelle’s kindergarten class and Kira’s TK class just down the hall. Every Tuesday we spend about a half hour learning about rhythm and basic music theory and play with little instruments. It’s been SO fun to be in the class weekly and get to the know the kids- I was shocked how quickly they learned things and how they retained them from week to week. They know so much! Treble clef, base clef, quarter note, half note, whole note, dotted half, all the various rests, dynamics, flats and sharps, time signatures, we even started learning solfege. Smart little six year olds.


Izzie’s Kindergarten class

Linc has been coming to the classroom too and he seriously thinks he is five years old and part of the group. The kids are really sweet to know him and include him! They all say hi to him and he struts around like he is totally special.

This is from last week- we did a little assembly and I brought in the harp to teach them about my instrument. We had all the kindergarten classes, TK, and two second grade classes. They had great questions like “did you build that” and “how did you get that thing in here.”
We have LOVED our kindergarten experience at our school. Isabelle’s teacher is SO wonderful- I think it takes a certain type of person to teach 25 five and six year olds for thirty hours a week. Talk about major patience. 
We’ve also had a couple of fieldtrips the last few weeks. 
Whiskeytown, looking for tadpoles. Isabelle was disappointed we didn’t catch any- but one of the other kids’ dads went WAY in and got a whole bunch of stuff for the class to look at.

Hi I am six.

Isabelle loves riding the bus. And eating lunch together.

Turtle Bay last week with some of her little buddies.
Linc getting in on the action.
cousin play date after school. Stripes for the win!
and this one just because it’s awesome. 
You have any life changing tips for surviving the summer? One of my goals is to REALLY limit screen time- we have access to great outside stuff, we have a million toys and games and puzzles and crafts. Jazz had a good idea- to leave out a bucket of something different every night so the kids can wake up and play instead of whine for morning cartoons. I have very little will power when I am asleep, so we need a plan. I realize that tv can be a great tool and honestly I’m not saying we won’t watch TV because YOLO and I’m pregnant/its hot. Just need to keep an eye on things so they don’t get willy nilly. We also usually go to SF or Monterey or something but I think our little trips are out for awhile until this baby comes. So I guess what I am saying is come and visit, and bring your swim suit.

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