the time we rode horses

During spring break when the kids were getting restless, my mom looked into a horse riding lesson. (She’s always has good ideas, chocolate, and a glue gun… in that order.) We had a lesson scheduled for Madilyn, Kira and Isabelle on Friday at 2 pm, Linc was just going to observe since he’s only “fwee”.

It was quite possibly the cutest thing ever on the planet, the girls in their helmets learning about horse safety and taking care of the horse and then RIDING THE HORSE. I think all of their dreams came true. Then, as a lucky bonus, Lincoln was permitted to ride around for a few minutes at the end and it just sealed the deal for us. We might become horse people, I don’t know.

their little helmets!

I loved that this wasn’t a “riding” lesson but a HORSE lesson. She showed them all the parts of the horse and how to care for them, how to be safe around them. I mean, these girls are 4, 5, and 6, the horse probably seems HUGE to them but she made it safe and comfortable. 

learning to care for Reggie
shoe check.
meanwhile, Lincoln is like I AM MOVING HERE FOREVER

Kira, age four

meanwhile, Lincoln still wants to move here and live with the chickens
thumbs up!

Little linc! On that giant horse!

I thought Lincoln would be a little timid or afraid, NOPE. Hopped up on that thing like he had done it a million times. When they walked outside the barn he was like LOOK MOM NO HANDS. 

those tiny stirrups!

There is always a small part of me that would love to live in the country with some animals. Then I remember I don’t like bugs and I need a weekly Target trip so I’m good where I am… the girls loved their horse lesson and I think it’s something they would love to continue- they do horse camps throughout the summer and private lessons all year long. Fun.

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