lipstick taser!

I wrote this post a few weeks ago and didn’t post it. End of January/beginning of February was a rough couple weeks for me. Just sort of sad and hard and discouraged. (That’s why we took that spontaneous trip to Arizona…I needed out!) I feel better since then, but sometimes you need a little extra push to get you up and over the hill, knowwhatimean. Anyway.

When I’m in a funk or a “low wave” I tend to want to curl up in a ball in my closet with a hoard of chocolate and a new book. While that is nice, it doesn’t always help. Last week was a loooooooong week. Jazz got home from work at midnight on Friday night after a really tricky couple of days on a project, and Saturday morning I was ready to pull my hair out and move to the moon.

So he sent me out for the day…and in an effort to kick my mood, I threw on some lipstick. I usually save lipstick for dates and church, but it made me feel a little bit more made up, a little more put together. I decided to wear a different lipstick everyday for a week, just to do my regular life things and see what happened. My mother wears lipstick every single day. It’s part of her makeup routine, like lashes blush LIPSTICK. Usually some sort of goldie orange that has been used into a nub.
It was a fun little experiment- It forced me to choose outfits that were lipstick worthy. Can’t really wear lipstick in sloppy clothes, you know? I have lost the baby weight from Maxwell’s pregnancy, all sixty pounds of it. I tend to pack in on when I’m pregnant and I STRUGGLE with how I look but I know it’s temporary… I’m very critical of my body and I have to remember I’ve been pregnant five times, carried three babies to term (and beyond!) and had three major surgeries and two small surgeries in the last five years. I’ve dealt with extreme sadness and usually I’m an emotional eater so it’s a miracle I’m not 500 pounds in a moby at walmart right now. There are always parts that bother me or more weight for me to work off. That’s okay. It’s a process. I’m an expert at cropping pictures and knowing my best side, work with what ya got you know? Our bodies are amazing, the things they can do, and I don’t think I’m giving mine enough credit. I’m so thankful for my body!

Behold, the seven days of lipsticks.

4 thoughts on “lipstick taser!

  1. I love your hair!! I'm super jealous of it. You look great.


  2. Um, ok. First of all, you are gorgeous. Second of all, this is such a fun idea. I wear lipstick RARELY (my mouth/lips are not lipstick friendly. Too small.) But when I do, I feel like a 6 year-old who got into their mom's makeup bag again and everyone is staring at me and thinking omg why is she wearing lipstick it looks ridiculous.You nail it though!


  3. You always look amazing! And I can never find the right lipstick! How did you find 7!? SO awesome!!!


  4. You always look amazing! And I can never find the right lipstick! How did you find 7!? SO awesome!!!


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