the extinction of the paci.

Well, we finally did it. Lincoln has been paci-free for over a week. You know I’ve been putting this off and putting this off and putting this off as LONG as humanly possible withing being ridiculous. Actually it was still pretty ridiculous but it didn’t get to me… Now he is three and his teeth are just not benefiting from sucking on a piece of rubber all the time. He has four pacis, he keeps them in his bed and rotates them around so he can have a fresh one from time to time. Kid cracks me up. Three of them had little holes in them and didn’t work, so last week we poked a hole in the last one.

Putting him to bed, we didn’t mention it, we just let him figure it out. Watching him try all of his pacis and realize that none of them worked… was the saddest. Seriously, his little face… the panic of trying paci after paci. Finally he said, “mama my paci is bwoken.” KILL ME. We talked about it, and he knew it was over. I gave him a big kiss and laid with him for a few minutes. Then I left. No tears, no fits, no tantrums on the ground screaming for his beloved. And he went to sleep. 
It hasn’t been perfect– he has basically stopped napping cold turkey. He took two naps in seven days.. we went from three hours a day to NONE hours. That has been hard, for me and for Linc. He is tired and can’t function as well without a nap. Mama needs a mid-day break to split up the twelve hours of KID TIME. If we lay with him, he will go to sleep but it takes a while and it doesn’t always work. If he hears Isabelle up and about he’s like HEY whats happenin out there?

I just tried to put him down for a nap, he hasn’t had one in DAYS. We spent hours at the park this morning, I really tried to wear him out. So far he isn’t asleep and I took ALL THE TOYS out of his room and piled them up in the hallway.

Another successful rest time.

ten minutes after his refusal to nap, asleep in the costco parking lot.
He really hasn’t asked for his paci, when he’s tired he reminds me that his paci is broken. He makes the saddest defeated face, his shoulders all slumped like Charlie Brown.
I don’t regret taking it away, it was past time and needed to be done. He has dealt with it so well, I’m so proud of him- sometimes being the parent isn’t fun. My mom reminded me that we have had it really good for an extra long time- Lincoln has napped well for years, far longer each day than what is deemed “normal.” She’s right, we have. 2-5 pm. Some people have said he will transition back to naps once he sort of figures things out. But until then, the baby gate.

Also totally off topic, I chopped my hair awhile ago. About a foot from the back, less from the front. I needed a change, I needed something new, so I just went for it. It’s so much faster to blow dry, but I do miss my second-day sock bun on the top of my head. That was a neat little trick. Changes left and right over here. “Oh Jo, your one true beauty!”

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