to my valentine

It’s Valentine’s Day today. February always makes me think of my early relationship with Jazz. It was the month that we met, the month we went on our first date. A year and one day later, it was the day Jazz asked me to be his wife. I said yes, and then I punched him for being so sneaky about the proposal. He totally pulled it off.

I can sit here all day and tell you that he’s awesome and helpful and supportive and all the right descriptive words but it’s more than stuff like “he’s great.” Its-

Changing sheets in the night for a sick kid.
Leaving for work and returning home ten minutes later with milk for our bare fridge.
Holding my hand when we walk together.
Wrangling wild kids at church.
Surprising me with a movie I’ve been waiting to be released.
Telling me to run to the pharmacy to pick up medicine but really meaning go to TJ Maxx.
Volunteering to change the worst kind of diapers. The worst.
Running out to the curb in flip flops at 7 am after forgetting to put the garbage cans out.
Watching tv on closed captions if I fall asleep.
Holding me when I can’t contain my tears any longer.
Driving my car and filling the gas tank, even if it isn’t quite empty.
Coming home from work from his full time job to his other full time job at home.
Checking all of the doors and turning the lights off at night, he is the last to bed.
Singing songs he doesn’t know the words to.
Making up ridiculous games with the kids.
Giving me back scratchies every single night.

This is a partnership. He and I are partners, and there is nothing in the world I appreciate more.

The other day I turned to him and said, “I like you more than I used to.” I meant it as a compliment, but it certainly didn’t come out that way. What I meant is “I am surprised that it is possible to love you more than I initially thought.” It’s true, I love you more now than I did then. Happy valentine’s day.

This was our infamous second date to the family cabin and the snowmobile rescue. Feb 2007
right after he proposed, Feb 2008
June 14, 2008. We were babies.
The Lob, 2015

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