Isabelle, age five

It’s November! I should be updating about Halloween and fall and stuff but I’m a little behind. Last week was just crazy busy- some weeks are so slow and we have all this time to do extra stuff and some weeks the day to day things consume all of our time. Now the laundry is in piles on the floor and the halloween stuff needs to be dusted and put away and our empty fridge needs to be re stocked.

Anyway, Isabelle lost her first tooth a few weeks ago. We were so surprised that it fell out, she actually swallowed it while she was eating an afternoon snack with Madilyn. Sort of freaked me out.

She was very concerned the tooth fairy wouldn’t visit her since she didn’t have her actual tooth so we wrote her a little note. I love her little letters and the lopsided heart at the end.
And the next week her second tooth came out just after brushing her teeth. 
This time we put it in a teeny baggy. She kept checking under her pillow every few minutes and then came out of her room, frustrated that the fairy hadn’t come yet! After I explained that the tooth fairy would come in the NIGHT TIME she went right to sleep and came galloping into our room the next morning at 5:30 with her sparkly dollar in hand. Sometimes being a parent is really fun. 
I got to spend a lot of time with her class last week- a field trip to the pumpkin patch (on a BUS with NO seatbelts!) and then Friday I went for her Halloween parade and party. I’m so proud of her I could just explode, she is thriving at school. She showed me all her artwork and had me meet her little friends. She showed me how the helpers work and what they do and introduced me to their class gecko. Her teacher is wonderful and patient and compassionate and everything you would want in a kindergarten teacher. I feel so thankful we were able to get in this school with her.

Isabelle is five and is her own little person. She asks me thoughtful questions. She is helpful and smart OH MAN she is so smart. Five years ago she was teeny tiny seven pounds with a round face and fuzzy hair and all this time has passed and she is suddenly a little girl. She loves to play dress ups, she loves to pretend pack for disneyland. She loves to ride her bike outside with Lincoln. She LOVES to color and is totally into making everything rainbow.
What is your favorite thing to do? -I like coloring at school.
What is your favorite color? -Purple. I have some more though. R-e-d (spelled out) and blue and turqouise and hmm.
What is your favorite thing to eat? Smoothies. I love smoothies! Maybe make them red though.
Who is your best friend? Madilyn, well she is my cousin friend because she is at school. And she’s my cousin.
What is your favorite thing to do at school. -It is… I like to learn about Animals.
What is your favorite animal? -A UNICORN. I just love unicorns. They are sooo pretty.
What is your favorite thing to do with Lincoln? – Umm. go to Disneyland with him.
What is your favorite place to eat? -Well I haven’t decided yet. Well… I like to eat at Grandmas. Because I love Grandma’s house. 

What is your favorite book? -101 Dalmations because I love all those doggies they are so cute.

What is your favorite thing to wear? – Hossies. (Horsies)  And my boots because they are high heels. (whispers) I never got high heels before!

What is your favorite thing about Mom? M-o-M I like to spell your name. That’s how to spell mom and not Micci or Mic. Or mama. Or Micci. 
What do you wanna be when you grow up? -Maybe an artist and a baby sitter. Cause those are my most favorite things.
What makes you happy? -Rainbows.
What are you most thankful for? -Max. Because he went to heaven. 
Then she says, “When am I gonna be done?”

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