the one where I turned 30

This week we celebrated my thirtieth birthday. Thirty sounds old. I don’t feel old. I feel like a kid playing house most of the time. I have a mortgage payment, I have three beautiful babies, I’m a college graduate… and now I’m thirty and officially a grown up. I guess thirty-something just sounds a lot older than twenty-something.

The day before my birthday was really really hard. I spent the morning picking out granite and looking at fonts for Maxwell’s headstone. There are surprisingly a lot of details to consider, you never think about this stuff until there is a big book in front of you with one zillion options. Our meeting was held at a mortuary, and it brought me back to the day we held Max all swaddled up in his white clothes and said our earthly goodbyes. The rest of the day I just cried on and off at the drop of a hat. I kept thinking THIS IS NOT MY LIFE. Ugh. I can do hard things.

Wednesday was a much better, happier day. So many people made me feel special and remembered my birthday. We went swimming all morning, had a nice restful nap time, and went out to dinner before yet another session of swimming. What can I say, we love swimming. (Let’s be honest, moms love swimming because it tires children out. And we can simultaneously work on our tan.) We continued the party on Thursday with more swimming, family night at burrito bandito, and cake at Moms. If this sounds familiar it is probably because its sort of what we do every year. I’m a creature of habit and on my birthday I like my favorite things and those include my peeps, burritos, and cake. Sometimes a nap.

Lincoln’s gift to me, falling asleep on my shoulder post swim. It is one of my most favorite things. 
Ready for dinner.
vanilla vanilla with vanilla.
does your mom get out all your old pictures? mine does. it’s the best.

The answer to “what are you eating”

This picture cracks me up, the kids love to pretend I’m a horse and we all sit on one giant noodle and gallop around the pool. Linc thinks my straps are reigns. So far it’s funny every single time.
If you had told me at age twenty what the next ten years would bring me, I wouldn’t have believed you. Some things brought so much love and joy, and others proved to be some really soul shattering trials. I’m thankful for my thirty years and hope when I turn forty I can look back and appreciate the decade of my thirties. As my mom would quote: “Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be.” -Robert Browning

1 thought on “the one where I turned 30

  1. I realize this post is substantial and all, but I must know this: how does someone with thick hair such as yours actually make bangs work? Mine just look chunky and add 10 pounds to my face. What is the secret of your success.


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