tea party with our "cousin sisters"

Last week Isabelle had a fancy tea party for the lady cousins that were in town. And also, Lincoln.

When we made our summer bucket list at the beginning of June, she came up with this extravagant idea to host a tea party complete with cookies and dress ups and “reservations.” So she made some “reservations” (invitations) and sent them out. She helped me pick out decorations from our stash, set the table with real “breakable plates.” Everyone came in their fanciest attire.

I should note that I was not invited to this party. She wanted it to be a “drop off party” like for big girls, where the parents drop the kids off and don’t stay. We compromised that I could attend the party as the food server. I really didn’t think this would start until like, age fourteen when she will want me to drop her off around the corner from the movie theater but oh no. She is four. Wanted me to drop her off at her OWN HOUSE and then leave.

Anyway. Morgan made some fancy cookies and we had treats and sandwiches on white bread and watermelon (though literally no one ate that.) They clinked cups and discussed the weather in their finest english accents.

Madilyn with Quinn, Iz, Kira, Margo
Grandma always looks legit.
I want to play with Margo’s hair always.

Quinn being insanely adorable. With measuring cups.

Morgan and Margo were here the whole month of June since JR had a big intensive study program away from home. We got so used to them being around and now we are just really sad sad sad when they aren’t at Grandma’s to swim. Lincoln and “Marmo” became best little buddies, just followed each other all over the yard all the time. They are basically the same size and it was so cute for him to have his own little pal.

this is an end table. also doubles as a cage.
Iz and Margo at Turtle Bay
Our last day together was the 4th, so of course we had to coordinate. Actually I was surprised we could find dresses from size 1- size 7/8! Thanks H & M!
It is my greatest wish that someday all of my siblings and their families can build houses all next to each other so we don’t have to live states apart. Everyone move here already! Sheesh.

1 thought on “tea party with our "cousin sisters"

  1. It's been nearly a month since you commented on a post on my blog. (tunes and spoons) I don't take much time for the internet these days, I'm in and out, so forgive me for such a late response. I came across your comment and then followed it to your blog here and just spent the last bit of my time reading your story and crying for you and crying for Max. I am so touched to read his story and I wanted to thank you for being so brave to write it and to share it. Reading it makes me want to be a better mother and even though I feel like I do a pretty great job at appreciating the little moments, I want to be better. Always better. Your darling boy was so beautiful and as a mother I just want to hold you and give you a hug and cry with you and talk about Max. I am hopeful and prayerful for you. Thank you for reaching out to me a while back, I am glad I was able to read Max's story tonight.


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