a tiny funeral

I’m not sure what to say.

We had a sweet service for our perfect baby Maxwell yesterday. It was bittersweet. Peaceful.

Together we mourn. And we pray. And we cry. And we eat. And we laugh a little bit and then we cry some more.

There is so much to share.

Until we meet again, sweet baby of ours.

3 thoughts on “a tiny funeral

  1. Such a lovely family. My heart aches for you.


  2. I can't quite wrap my brain about this picture. You all have been in my thoughts and prayers daily since I heard of your sweet baby boy's passing. May you rely on God's strength to get you through this season.


  3. I fell in love with you and your family by accident looking for a lemon cake recipe and have been following you since. I am so very sorry for the loss you and your precious family have suffered. But your faith will keep you strong – I know that sounds so sill when your heart is broken, but it is true. Much love to you and yours!


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