34 Weeks

What month is this? Like 8 1/2? 17? Sheesh. Baby is the size of cantaloupe. A cantaloupe with limbs.

I feel goodish just really large. Larger than last time, maybe this will be a big baby! I have a cold this week, and that is less fun than NOT having a cold. All you people that can take decongestants, I’m jealous because I feel like a solid dense ice pack in my brain. Baby is moving a ton. Big sweepy elbows and knees and stuff, which is really great. And tons of hiccups.  As far as I know, head down. Sleeping okay, waking up couple times to rotate to the other side or use the bathroom. I know a lot of people suck at sleeping by now and I’m just thanking my lucky stars I can still zonk out most of the time. Stuff falls on the floor lately though and I’m like welp that’s just stayin’ there unless I can vacuum it up or my husband gets home. Bending is not my favorite. And seriously how many tiny cars can Lincoln stash all over the house.

C-section date and time are set! With my new non-judgmental doctor! Also, let’s call it the “baby’s birth” instead of the “major abdominal surgery”, because it just sounds better. And after all, it is a birth! This is my first local delivery, we were living away in SLC when Isabelle was born, and we all know last time I went to UC Davis to have Lincoln. So, it will be nice to be close to home. I know a lot of people like a bunch of visitors but I have to say it just isn’t my thing. I don’t feel great, I don’t look great, embarrassing things are happening to my body. Most of me is naked at various points. There will be plenty of time to meet the baby when we are home. Is that so selfish? I just really love those first few days in the hospital to myself and to my immediate family. What I’m saying is- I love you, but don’t come find me.

How I really feel. 
not winning the limbo competition.

Stuff that I’m craving: I can’t stop eating ice. I went through the drive through at Sonic and bought a 10 pound bag and then I ate it all by myself. Obviously it’s time for another trip to Anderson and maybe two bags of ice to last me longer. Also, anything baked. I have to restrain myself from making a batch of cookies or muffins or anything carby mc carberson. Grapes, burrito bandito, and anything with peanut butter but that’s pretty much standard for me even if I’m not pregnant. Mom made fun of me for having my air conditioning on last night but it was HOT and the OVEN WAS ON and I was wearing CLOTHES. Speaking of clothes, we got out the baby stuff and I washed it and organized it to see what we need and then I put it back in the bucket for now. Still not sure where we are putting it all… but it was soooo fun to fold teeny newborn clothes! I feel like Lincoln was just barely this small and his little sleepers and onesies look miniature. I made some new burpies and have plans for a couple blankies and swaddlers to sew. We’ve added a few new outfits and some bigger blankets and just have a few more things to get before I will feel set.

Not much to report on the whole name thing. Nothing has “clicked” from our short list of names that we don’t absolutely hate. We keep throwing new ones around and making fun of most of them. Be-Bop and Pancake Syrup Sorensen- both recommendations from my children. Desperately taking suggestions.

PS. Isabelle was “helping” me take pictures today and really wanted to do it herself with the tiny remote. She was so excited. Also, I can’t keep pants on my kids to save my life.
thumbs up for sure.
No mom I want to take it WITH you! Oh okay!

2 thoughts on “34 Weeks

  1. Visitors at the hospital are the worst! So are people who drop by without calling first.


  2. The whole first day I had Violet I was barfing and topless, and eventually I just stopped bothering to try and be modest. Oh, hello there in-laws, thanks for wiping the puke off my chin. Welcome, random guy friends of my husband, feast your eyes on some awkward breast feeding maneuvers! I figured if they entered the room, they all deserved whatever horrifying sight is now haunting them at night.You look lovely, by the way. Check out name berry.com


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