insta-update vol. 26

Isabelle is at ballet with Grandma and Lincoln is asleep. It’s raining. I have no idea what we are having for dinner in an hour. Perfect time to blog.

It’s been raining probably for like a month straight…ehhh  more like two weeks but it feels soooo long. We need the rain so badly in California (in Grandpa’s pond, as Izzie puts it) but it makes me want to hibernate until spring. Warm blankets and cocoa and movies. We are getting stir crazy. I’m nesty, but I have nothing to nest. Where are we putting this baby boy. Also, how early is too early to wash baby clothes. Can I wash them twice just for fun. Mom ignore that last part I don’t do weird OCD stuff like that.

Lincoln is still throwing epic monster fits. Yesterday it was because the paci I had for him was attached to the polka dot lanyard. OH MY WORD HOW DARE YOU. THE POLKA DOT ONE IS FROM SATAN. So he cried in the car until he threw up. Seriously. I had to abandon errands and come home until he calmed the hell down, switched the paci out and then we were fine. Being two must be so terribly difficult.

Yesterday me and Iz snuggled up for an afternoon nap. I needed one. She did not. I was ready for bed again by 9 pm. She was not. 11 pm came and she finally fell asleep for the night I know she is 4 1/2 and really doesn’t need naps but I feel like my “mom nap break” is coming to an end, at least until she starts Kindergarten in 2015. Even then, doesn’t school end like right during nap time?

We have no names for this baby. I hate all the names. 7 weeks left.


baby piggies/”Frafting”


he has the most ridiculous faces ever/ mo brought me sprinkles. bfffffff


sleepy baby/ more ridiculous faces


good sign Isabelle is still awake/ anytime he hears anything with a motor. “OH”


Easter you make me fat/ still cuddly at 26 months


“i NOT tired.”/ little mid day pick me up

realllllly excited about his new church shoes.

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