hawaii: part ninety six

This is my last Hawaii post. I promise. Very. Last. And it consists of all the random stuff that didn’t fit into the other posts. Like the junk drawer of blog posts.

One morning Linc disappeared for a minute. He got too quiet, you know in Jurassic Park when all the birds stop chirping because a big dinosaur is about to burst through the trees? Too quiet. I came around the corner just to see him hike his leg over the tub and slide into last nights bath water. Totally happy even though it was cold, he was so angry when I had to get him out. SO ANGRY. Good moms leave the bath water over night, great moms always grab the camera when their kid does sneaky stuff.

Moments later Lincoln was foaming at the mouth- and while I assumed the most obvious reason to be RABIES, it turned out he had eaten a rogue Tums. Ten points to griffindor.
One of the most amazing things about the place that we stay is the frequency of turtle visitors to the beach. We spotted turtles at least four times, the last one literally swam right out of the water and up the beach to chill in the sun for awhile. We kept our distance to be respectful even though I really wanted to sit on them for a ride.

our favorite look out on a morning walk
Mermaid fin
the best part of Isabelle’s whole life is playing with Grandma.

 Also, more than one person assumed that Lincoln and Isabelle belonged to my mother. Does that make me just the nanny? And what was Jazz’s role? Maybe just a really big 30 year gap between kids and we were all hers? All I know is that my mom is super hot and she looks about 26 still.

This is my favorite. Elbow dimple and a pinchable bum.

Making 9 am church is easy when your kids get up at 5:45.

After all this fun playtime, there was also a lot of this:

After being at the pool all morning, Lincoln fell asleep, sitting up in my lap while eating a yogurt. Filed that one right under “umm this never happens.”
The flight home…. ohhhhh the flight home. Lincoln fought his nap so, so, so so so so SO SO hard. He was like a prize fighter trying to wiggle away from me, ducking high and low to avoid my arms squeezing him close like go to sleep kid, you are delusionally tired. We sat in the very front, so any time we needed to get up we walked alllllllll the way past everyone and all of their calm kids. Keepin it classy. 
We are always sad to leave. I was extra sad this time- mom said, “Mic do you need some drugs for how emotional you are?” Thanks mom, I’m okay I promise. I think I was sad because I miss my sisters living close. I want our babies to hang out more often. Being with my family is so much fun all the time. Also, who wouldn’t be sad to leave such a beautiful and serene place? I think if I lived there though I would never get anything done. It’s so laid back and warm and breezy, the island is practically begging you to sit around and do nothing. I will also miss Jared and his “poglet.”

2 thoughts on “hawaii: part ninety six

  1. Ha ha love all the pictures. I am jealous! Looks like you guys had a blast. I love your swimsuit. I love poka-dots. You look fabulous girl!


  2. You look great and Cindy looks like a pro volleyball player. You're obviously the mom – the pro athlete is too career focused, clearly.


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