lazy days in and a few nights out.

Most of our time spent in Maui was at the play pool where we stayed. A graduated shallow pool, splash fountains, and a magical tiki hut with rain = perfect area for the kids. 
Lincoln wants nothing more in the world to be included and to do things himself. Anything that Isabelle does- he wants to do it the exact same way. Unfortunately he isn’t quite as tall as Isabelle and it made wading through the pool a little bit tricky slash dangerous. He just ran into the pool like he was doing 90 on a segway and his little legs couldn’t keep up with the resistance of the water.  Of course, he refused to wear any sort of flotation device, despite our best efforts, swallowing chlorine right and left. (Since we’ve been home and swimming at my parents’, he has to wear a pretty stellar 1989 dino life jacket around the pool, its just too important. He didn’t even throw a fit when we zipped it up on him and I was like ‘why didn’t we bring this on vacation.’)

Closest family picture we got.

Isabelle could have stayed here all day. She met new friends and made pretend soup and found rings on the bottom of the pool.

A new favorite burger place- Teddy’s.

Jazz’s shirt is my favorite. And Izzie’s fluff hair.

We also went to a little hula show and Isabelle LOVED it. Mostly she loved that Uncle Jared got picked out of the audience to do an authentic hula. Jared served his mission for the church in Samoa- and so he wore a lava-lava to church on Sunday. Isabelle said, “Mom, Uncle Jared is wearing two dresses this week!” Sorry Jared, she calls it like it is. I thought Sabrina was going to fall off of her chair laughing so hard when Jared was dancing around on stage.

what a good sport.
One of our most favorite traditions is to shop at whaler’s village and eat dinner at the Hula Grill- right in the sand on the beach. It’s one of the few nights we actually put on regular clothes and “go out.” The crab wontons are seriously in my top ten favorite foods ever, like fireworks for my tastebuds. It’s really fun to sit with our toes in and listen to live music as the sun sets. I’d like to pretend it was that relaxing this time but Lincoln will only sit for so long then it is tag team parenting at it’s finest.

is she the cutest or what. 

intently watching the birds eating their crumbs

not a bad view!

1 thought on “lazy days in and a few nights out.

  1. Oh. My. I love that picture of Lincoln watching the boats from the beach. Swoon.


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