it’s springtime.

If my kids could live outside, they would. The weather is so nice right now we have to enjoy it while we can.
I’m so thankful we have a small but fenced yard so we can play outside. They don’t care if it is small. All we need is a teeny underflated snake pool, a hose, and some dollar toys. It’s already warm here- warm enough for swim suits and diaper uniforms to be the norm. And of course, it helps to have grandparents around the corner with all the best toys. Linc loves the trampoline. LOVES IT. Despite being the little guy, he just bounces around with the big kids like it’s no big deal.


I love this picture, even though the light isn’t quite right, I can see his soft little neck and his chubby profile and his big cheeks and that fluffy top lip. OH I love this little baby.

Summer is just around the corner and I’m NOT READY. It gets so hot that being outside is unbearable most of the day. I know I just have to suck it up and deal with it but I hate it! Small trade off for living close to our family I guess.  I do however enjoy outfitting the kids in summer clothes. Gap is having a good sale, and with the friends and family coupon plus my rewards dough I saved over a hundred dollars. I like to make it a game, try to see how much I can save. (this is why I went to college.) Tiny shorts and t-shirts and little rash guards. I love playing real life paper dolls.

In other news.

My sister in law has her baby in two weeks and I’m ecstatic for them (and me, really.) I held a friend’s newborn on Wednesday and was like WHAT my kids were NEVER this small AGHH babies I love babies. So teeny and froggy and soft and fresh.

Sabrina finds out the gender of her baby next Friday. My vote is girl, just for the record.

I’ve been writing this during Isabelle’s “nap” and she has come out only a billion times to tell me things. She is growing out of her daily nap and I guess I have to be a real parent now without that glorious few minutes in the afternoon of beautiful alone time. She will still have rest time I’m sure… just not the same. Linc is down to one a day nap, which is really nice. Also, I have to get Isabelle in some sort of pre-school for the fall. I’m excited/dreading that. I want her to learn stuff mostly so she can be the smartest ever but also I will miss her so much. And I will hate other people teaching her stuff and not me, like I will miss out. Is that weird? Hashtag mom guilt, you know.

Also, Justin Timberlake on SNL? epic.

2 thoughts on “it’s springtime.

  1. Micci – bring her to Learning in Motion a few half days a week! We're such a small, family feel, and we have a really unique program…and we love for parents to come in and volunteer. Feel free to come check us out!


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