Lincoln Michael 12 months

Last post related to Lincoln turning one I promise. He is just SO CUTE.
Lincoln at 12 months: 21 1/2 pounds, thirty something inches long, and a whole lotta personality. Wearing size 12-18 month clothes, size 4-5 diapers. Tops the charts on the crazy cute scale though, I just want to kiss his face all day long.
Lincoln loves to be active and follows me around all day long. He loves to close all the doors, climb up on anything he can reach, and put any toys into bins or buckets. Every morning I go to get him and he hands me his stuffed things from his bed- mr. fox, jonesy, and zork- like he needs them unloaded before he gets out. He is a snuggly happy baby that most of the time sleeps through the night. Lately he wants a gallon of milk at about 5-6 am then he is good to go for awhile. Linc loves to be chased, and his “home base” is his grey chair, always giggle laughs his way back to his seat. Also, he can high five! He loves to bop his head around and “dance” anytime there is music on or when I am singing (glorious made up songs = my specialty). Says dada and “mah” for more. I think there is mama somewhere in his babbling…
He also loves bath time (dumping water on the floor), especially with Isabelle, and sits right by her so he doesn’t miss anything. Oh man he LOVES Isabelle, he wants to be around her all the time. She still calls him “winc” and my favorite “linc-y doo dah day.” She sings the yankee doodle song but replaces yankee with “winc-y.” So cute. We were going on a date and she said, “don’t worry, I will take good care of baby winc.” Mellllt.
This month Lincoln has discovered the outside. He brings me his shoes or his jacket and throws it in my lap with a loud “uhhhh.” like let’s go already. We walk, hand in hand and he stops to pick up rocks and leaves and sticks and gets all dirty crawling around which is slightly different than my sweet dainty Isabelle. I guess I have to get on board with that? Embrace the dirt? His little steps are so little and wobbly and his right hand stays up in the air by his head so he can balance. Walks or wagon rides or sitting on the trike, he doesn’t mind as long as he is outside. We have had beautiful 70 degree weather and have really enjoyed the sunshine.
Probably to no ones surprise, Lincoln is stubborn. I’m noticing this as a theme in my children. He is very strong willed and will definitely let you know what he wants. He is still tricky to feed- something that he devours one day he won’t touch the next. I just put a bunch of stuff on his tray and let him eat what he wants.. then I sneak bites of nutritious foods in when I can. Loves oranges, cheese, sweet potato chunks, and any kind of fruit. And cookies, naturally. 

Stuck again.

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