the party.

Saturday we threw Lincoln a birthday party to celebrate his wonderful first year. When I was trying to decide on a theme for his party, I was going over all of Lincoln’s favorite things… more than anything he loves to play/throw/bounce balls. So we did a big red ball party with chalkboard accents. Also this is a major photo overload. (I always say that?) Major, major.
address/phone number blurred since internet = weird.

Big red balls! Giant chalkboard! Linc is longer than 3 inches but I forgot to measure him before I took pics.

circular rkt hybrids, red velvet and vanilla cupcakes

oreo cream cheese balls. so amazing and easy and I’m pretty sure I ate most of these. 
teeny glasses of milk!

cookies/donut holes with milk

morgan’s secret strawberries

All his monthly pics in a row. Really fun to see him grow. Rhyming was unintentional there.

Poor Jazz had to blow up quite a few balloons/punching balls/beachballs.
favors: giant red jawbreakers and some other circular candy. My fav part is the ball ribbon closure. Kids also got to take home a punching balloon and a red beachball.
We invited our favorite friends and family members to eat a lot of treats and hang out with Lincoln for a few hours. Linc was less than pleased to have his nap cut short but got over it pretty quickly when he saw all the action happening. 
Bribed him with a cookie.
lil snack.
Lincoln loves grandpa. Will walk right past me to get to him. 

lady cousins
Everybody ate for awhile and enjoyed the treats and meatballs before we opened some presents. Lincoln was about one percent interested in unwrapping gifts, he mostly wanted to sit in his grey chair and observe. 

That is, until this beauty was brought in:

new favorite toy award goes again to Grandma and Grandpa

After awhile we sang to Lincoln and gave him a piece of chocolate cake. I was fully expecting him to dive right in but I have to say he wasn’t thrilled. Actually I put some in his mouth and he spit it out. Clearly we are not related. Most of the frosting ended up on the floor.

Why are people singing and staring at me.
Most ticklish baby everrrrr.

Iz and Linc, on door patrol.
Having an afternoon with our peeps in honor of Lincoln was really fun. (And fun for me to have a project!) I love when we all get together and the kids run around and play and the grown ups try to have regular conversations and eat treats. Everybody wins. Later that night, we were getting the kids ready for bed and Isabelle leaned in and hugged Lincoln tightly and said, “oh mewy fristmas baby winc. we wuv you.” I think she had the right idea.. Linc we are so happy you are here! Happy Birthday little love.

1 thought on “the party.

  1. Oh mah gash!!!! Please reserve the week of Oct 9 to fly to Utah and be my official party planner. That was awesome and I wasn't even there! Way to go. Happy birthday Linc!


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