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Did you really think there would be just one post about our trip? do you know me at all.

Willard is about 40 minutes north of downtown Salt lake so we headed down to do some shopping and visit the lights at Temple Square. We drove to the Gateway so I could run through anthropologie and inhale the deliciousness of expensive stuff but it was GONE. No anthro! Did some research (thanks girl at down east) and discovered lots of the good stores had relocated to the City Center across from temple square where ZCMI used to be? It’s this gigantic indoor/outdoor shopping mecca with yummy restaurants and fun stores and tons to do. In the summer the roof retracts so it is all open air. There is a creek that runs right through the center of it (thus the name). FANCY.  We popped the kids in their stroller and walked around, watched the fountain lights show, ate some dinner, possibly purchased some tiny overalls for my babe (hello two story H and M) , and crossed the street to the temple. It was a little bit rainy and cold but we were determined to see the sights. Poor Linc was about DONE being strapped into a seat but he was a good sport, bless his tiny little soul.

Love visiting the temple. Love teaching my kids about why we go there and why it is important. Isabelle loved seeing the lights on all the trees, and the giant nativity over by the visitor’s center. Our friend Krystal works downtown and popped over to meet Lincoln and say hello, it was great to see her. 

Speaking of friends. Wednesday we met up with our bffs the Mackays. Syd, Garrett, Tanner, Corbin, and unnamed baby boy on the way- our good friends from when we were first married and living in Sandy. They took us under their wing and helped us make friends and settle in when we knew no one and were adjusting. They are the kind of friends you keep in touch with and get together every so often like no time has passed. Love them. 
Linc = thrilled to sit still. How cute are the boys’ pajamas.
Boy dress ups! She was in heaven. So many things she had never seen before.
The last leg of the trip was spent in Orem with my Aunt and Uncle and their family. Tami is this super amazing cook and always has great food around that she says she just “threw together.” She let us take over her basement with our kids and all our crap…. and she made us homemade waffles with two kinds of homemade syrup. Friday night she had a big dinner for all of our family to come eat and catch up. 
We met baby Emery (cousin Candace’s little babe), let Lincoln climb the stairs about a million times, visited Santa at the Riverwoods, and picked up some treats from Rocky Mountain. Also, we are obsessed with Buddies with Dice. Virtual yahtzee, you know? We stayed up way too late a few nights sitting around on our phones playing each other. 
Baby Emery and I are basically best friends now.
Isabelle’s first tattoo courtesy of”Gwampa Chip”.. of course it’s a picture of Olivia.
Friday early morning temple session. 
I miss Sabrina! I’ve always lived close to her and now we are separated by the barren state of Nevada and it just isn’t very fun that way. She came over whenever she had a spare moment and was so cute to play pretend with Isabelle or help Linc not kill himself on the stairs. We stopped in at her apartment and she fed Iz cookies, gave us sodas, and put on Elf. Total happy place. After that, we visited with my long lost roommate Adrienne for a few minutes. I seriously could have talked to her for like five hours- last time I saw her was at her wedding when Isabelle was three weeks old. Since then, we’ve both moved and had babies, and her refusal to be on Facebook means I have no idea whats going on with her. We lived together my very first year at BYU in the glorious on-campus dorms… and then later in an apartment as well. She taught me to listen to better music, and to let myself really laugh an uninhibited ugly laugh. And to love neon. Also, the cookie dough foxtrot. I didn’t get any pictures because I was too busy talking her ear off, even as we were leaving out the door my mouth was gabbing. Sorry Adrienne.

Pretty much the most my uncle has ever looked like jack nicholson.

OH, Izzie found a doctor’s kit in Tami’s basement and it provided us with hours of entertainment. She was giving “check ups” to anyone she could… including the dogs who were less than thrilled. This video is so cute, I think I watched it about a hundred times. She is singing the song from Doc McStuffins.. “time for your check up, time for your check up…”

Also, my mind continues to be blown at how much crap we lug around just to exist. We took a Yakima on the top of our car strictly for luggage, the back was full of gifts, baby crap, a double stroller, stuff for my sister, pack n play etc. Second seat was loaded like our Disneyland trip, baskets of activities and a large bag of snacks and food for everyone. SO MUCH STUFF.  We off loaded a lot of stuff but also picked up some gems from Taipan….and the Nordstrom’s Rack there on 106th is just extra special. Found Isabelle this ruffle coat and I almost vomited in excitement. On the way home we had our garmin plugged in, my laptop charging, my phone plugged into the car for Pandora, Isabelle was watching mickey mouse on the ipad. Thankful for technology.  Makes life easier.

We planned to drive half way on Saturday and the other half on Sunday. 14 hours in the car is a long time for two little people and also for two big people in charge of the little people.  By the time we got to Reno, it was 10:30.. we were four hours away from home and I could hear my bed calling me “micci….micccci… come hommmmme.” Neither of us were really excited to pay for a hotel, drag all of our overnight stuff out of the car, unload our sleeping babies just enough for them to wake up and have energy, spend an hour getting them back to sleep, sleep for five hours, then wake up and reload the stuff, deal with breakfast, clothes, showers, etc. So overrated. We pulled into Redding about 2:30 am but it was SO WORTH IT.

Now spending the week with a crazy holiday to-do list and a mountain of laundry. Come on over.

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  1. LOVE the pic of Lincoln and Sabrina.


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