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Usually when I don’t blog for awhile it means I’m out of town. In this case, we have spent the last week or so visiting our friends and family in Utah. I think we were a little ambitious slash crazy to take two babes on a 15-hour (with stops) car ride, both ways, but it actually worked out great and we had a fabulous time. I miss Utah- it was my home for nearly six years and I was a bit homesick to visit. Something about the mountains and the snow and the cold just makes me nostalgic and happy. It has nothing to do with the shopping. Nope, nothing at all.

Dayton, Adi, Ellie, Iz, and Linc the golden retriever.
Our first stop was Willard where Jazz’s mom lives. She lives way up by the mountain in this beautiful log cabin- complete with three dogs, seven chickens, one cat and a bison next door. Isabelle was in heaven. Jazz’s sister Britta drove clear from West Jordan so we could hang out and be together. We exchanged Christmas presents and ate a lot of ham. We don’t get to see our cousins very often so it took Iz a bit to warm up but once she did we could not separate them. Adi and Isabelle made matching little necklaces and Izzie basically hasn’t taken it off, it is her new favorite thing. They shared ice cream and took tea party baths and played lots of games like house and teacher and legos. I’m sad that we don’t live closer together.

Linc was a good sport about traveling but was less than thrilled to be sleeping in a pack in play. First couple of nights were rough, then he got used to it and slept great for (most) of the trip. I forgot how much of my life could be controlled by the sleeping pattern of my 11-month old.  Who knew.
Far left corner is Lucky, the lady bison.

Helping each other open presents.

No shave November = beardy Jazz.
Going to visit the mini horse up the road. Cutest little road ever.
Feeding the chickens
One of the best parts of the whole trip was our day up to Snowbasin. Mikey works up there during the winter and took us up to ride the gondola and have lunch at the top of the mountain. SO FUN. It was Isabelle’s first experience with snow (hi we live in redding) and she had a blast. The resort was absolutely beautiful and grand… it was lightly snowing out while we rode the lift- just a perfect day.  Made me really miss Utah. 

Snow ball fight.

This faaaaace. Bite nibble kiss squish.
Also, Lincoln in a coat with wooden toggles and a snow hat? Kill me. He was so cute. He is at a trixy age where all he wants in the whole world is to get down and crawl around and touch everything and put weird objects in his mouth but he isn’t walking yet… and I can’t just set him down in restaurants and stuff. Gross.

1 thought on “home again home again

  1. Aw! We are sad we missed you guys. Love the pictures. Looks like you guys had so much fun!Erin Hiatt


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