Giving thanks.

We had Thanksgiving at my mom’s house this year with some of my siblings and their kids. We really did miss the rest of our family, its hard to share holidays! Scott and JaNae came with their girls and Morgan was here with JR and baby Margo. Mom and Dad cooked all of our favorites, turkey and stuffing and all the trimmings. JaNae brought my most favorite sweet potatoes, and Morgan made homemade from scratch delicious pies- apple and banana cream with chocolate lined crust. 
I made the pies last year but since fancy Culinary School Graduate was in town I got demoted to bringing the cheeseball. A valiant contribution. Mom set a beautiful table and we had a great dinner together. Linc was napping which was a thanksgiving miracle so we all got to eat at the same time.

Going around the table, Isabelle said she was thankful for Madilyn. Best little friends.

Bingo! A new (sleepy) tradition. With prizes!

I give myself a C- for documenting the day, I failed to get pictures of the whole family, or really any candid pictures, or any pictures of the food. OR THE PIES. Not my best. JaNae got one of our little family though. (Thanks JaNae!)

If I could list all the things I’m thankful for, it would be too long for a blog post. In a nutshell: I’m thankful for my sweet babies for being so ridiculously cute and owning my soul. I’m thankful for my husband who provides and takes care of us. I’m thankful for the atonement of my Savior, Jesus Christ. I’m thankful for things that are hard so that we are forced to learn and grow and be better. 

Hope you all had a super good thanksgiving with those you love.

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