Lincoln Michael 10 Months

Linc will be one in eight weeks. EIGHT WEEKS. Oh man that hurts my brain so much, he is my sweet little newborn baby and I can’t believe he is growing so quickly.

This time last year I was pleasantly plump and round with baby Linc. I remember decorating for the holidays and thinking that in a years time, we would be doing everything with two kids instead of one. I really enjoy being pregnant in general and especially enjoyed being in my third trimester at Christmas time, just felt extra jolly. Love this season. This whole year feels like it has gone by quickly and here we are again, almost December.
Lincoln at ten months: He is 20.5 pounds (25-50%) and 29.75 inches long (75-90%). Size 12-18 month clothes, size 4 diapers, hates wearing socks. Linc is still the giggliest and most ticklish baby I know. When he laughs he says, “tee-hee-hee-hee” with this silly old man wheeze. He loves ‘this little piggy’ and ‘patty cake’,  laughs every time. That, and any word that starts with Z, we can always get him to smile that way. His favorite foods are rice with applesauce, oatmeal, sweet potato cubes and any sort of puff that he can pick up by himself. OH mandarin oranges hold the key to his heart, he literally eats an entire can at a time. He is starting to resist me spoon feeding him- he just wants to do it himself.

Not happy I wanted him to sit still. Surprise.

If there is one thing I want to remember about Lincoln at this age- it is that he loves his sister and she loves him. He wants to do whatever she is doing, eat what she eats, play what she plays. He is obsessed with Olivia still and we have to put her up high so he doesn’t chew her to death. The other day Lincoln woke from his nap before Isabelle did, and as soon as I set him down on the floor he crawled directly to her room and sat by her door. She can always make him laugh, she pats him on the head like a little dog, and she likes to pretend chase him. They love to play in her tent together, or “jump” on beds at the same time.

But where is Isabelle?

We call him ‘slinky’ because he is super fast and if you aren’t careful he will be gone before you know it.. Crawling like a pro, pulling to a stand, and walking around furniture. I bet he will be walking by his birthday which is just so exciting! His favorite toys are any balls that he can push around or chew on. He is holding strong at 8 teeth and I can’t tell if more are coming in or if he just loves to chew on stuff. 

Matching matching squared. by miccolene

Lincoln has always been a pretty good sleeper, but with his recent ear infection we are still getting back on schedule again, especially for his naps. Would rather sleep in my arms than in his bed which is so cuddly and cute especially when he is all cozy in a sleep sack but also mama gets nothing done. When he is tired or wants my attention he comes and crawls over my feet back and forth like a cat until I give him the attention he wants and pick him up. I am dying for him to say mama and he is babbling a lot but nothing definite. 

His hair is darker! Can you tell? I’m thrilled at the potential of having a blue eyed dark haired baby boy. Maybe he has some of my dna after all…

Christmas reindeer sweater! I thought dressing a boy would be somehow less “fun” than a girl since they are missing major frilly accessories but I love picking out his outfits. Stripes? Grey? Preppy little sweaters pulled over a button up? Yes, yes, and yes. I decided I dress Linc how I would dress as a boy, and I dress Isabelle how I would dress if I had my dream figure. It’s like real life paper dolls.

Yep, I have my holiday stuff up. Judge me if you want but I get to see sparkly lights at night and listen to Christmas music while you are staring blankly outside at the rain. Deck the halls, my friends. 

1 thought on “Lincoln Michael 10 Months

  1. Wow. In pic #2, he actually looks like a little man, totally-sentient little being. Not a baby. Also, please come decorate my house for Christmas.


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