Lincoln at 2 months

I swear I’m going to make this thing private as soon as I have time to sit down and manually type in every one’s email addresses. Can’t we just give everyone a password or something? Seems silly.

Lincoln is 2 months old now. He doesn’t have his official doctor’s visit for another week because I am a slacker and forgot to make the appointment and they are closed next week so whatever. Sunday we weighed him at my parents’ house and he was a whopping 11 pounds 4 ounces with his clothes on but still! Can you believe it?! That is two whole pounds bigger than Isabelle was at the same time. Good boy little Lincoln.

He is starting to be awake more and has a great schedule going. He eats, hangs out for awhile, then passes out. We call him the King of Catnaps because during the day you will think he is out cold and go to put him down and then he is like wassssup I’m awake! He eats every 3 hours during the day starting at about 7:30, and has his last meal at 8:30 pm and then not again UNTIL 3 AM. So If I can get him to sleep by 10:00, I get in bed by 10:02, and I get a good solid five hours of sleep. That chunk of sleep makes such a difference, I still feel human in the morning vs like a rousing hibernating bear.

He is wearing size two diapers, and we skipped size ones mostly because he was wetting through them pretty much all the time. Did anyone else have that problem? Boy babys wetting through diapers? At night he still has a hard time despite me changing before/after feeding.. Sometimes I put a second diaper on him just to be safe and that usually helps. (Not my wallet though) He is out of his newbie clothes and into 0-3, although some of them are getting small already! I can’t believe it. Also, I can’t seem to keep track of his socks. Sometimes he wears two different ones and I don’t care because it’s all I can find.  Whatever, he’s a baby and his feet are warm.

Most of what I want to remember of baby Lincoln at this time is how good he is. He is SUCH a good baby. No offense Isabelle but your brother really puts you to shame in this category. He is calm and sweet and sometimes he falls asleep without me tricking him into it. He likes to be swaddled all tight for night time sleeping, and I just rock him for a few minutes and he is out. He is a terrific eater (Sorry Isabelle, he wins this one too) and it has made for the postpartum period so much easier without the stress of worrying if he is getting enough/having backup bottles/supplementing/pumping.

And he is so smiley. Smiles for anyone. Big gummy happy baby smile. He is starting to giggle too which is hilarious. Its like a little man-chuckle. Totally ticklish right under his chin. Oh I love him.

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