lincoln’s newbies

When Lincoln was six days old we had some pictures taken by the very talented Kara Stewart. She came to our home which was sooo much more convenient then trekking all of our crap/children to another location. Plus I still wasn’t very mobile yet from the surgery so being home was awesome. Once we got the little ninja to sleep, she got some amazing shots. She even grabbed some of Isabelle because again, she is awesome. Awesome I say!  Here is a smallish sampling of our favorites… there are over a hundred and it would be embarrassing to post them all (or would it.)

This is my favorite. Isabelle disappeared for a minute and came back naked with a pillowcase and a clip for her cape. Best ever.

I love them! I love them alllllll! How will we ever choose which ones to print and hang?
PS. I saved a few secret ones for Lincoln’s baby announcement.. if you have moved or have a new address, I need it!

3 thoughts on “lincoln’s newbies

  1. LOOOOOOOOVE.Left you a little award on my blog. Rules are you link back to the giver and pass it on to five other bloggers with under 200 followers.


  2. Cute! I love the black and white one of him on his own, and also the very last one.


  3. Please oh please can I get the cape one blown up just for meeee


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