the plague.

Tuesday night, we were playing hide and chase with Isabelle. And then she threw up. It was the start of a non-stop barfing marathon that travelled from Isabelle. To Jazz. To me. Blurg.

We spent the entire night running back and forth between the bathrooms and our babies. Isabelle went through a total of 15 rounds of vomiting. FIFTEEN. Seriously it made my heart break into a million pieces- she would roll over onto all fours and say mama helllp. And then she would barf into the bowl like a grown up. I scratched her back and told her what a good job she was doing… she didn’t even cry. I can’t believe she could anticipate being sick and know to prep herself and make it into the bucket. My sweet sweet little baby. “Momma I don wanna frow up anymore.” She wanted juice so badly but it made her more sick, “Just a wittle bit more? a wittle bit?” Kill me.

Jazz and I were equally as sick. The thing about being the parent is you don’t get a timeout or a sick day. You don’t get to just tuck yourself into bed and sleep it off with tivo, and this was really the first time we were sick all at the same time. IT WAS AWFUL. I just felt so bad for Isabelle and wanted to lay by her and read her stories but I couldn’t because I was nursing Lincoln in between being sick myself. Jazz made a sad little bed in the hallway by Isabelle to keep tabs on her for most of the night. We were doing some sort of horrible circus act bouncing Linc, helping Isabelle, and trying to make it to the nearest sink/bucket/bathroom when appropriate. Is this tmi? Maybe. On a scale of 1-10 how grossed out are you.

All night long I prayed that Lincoln wouldn’t catch whatever we had, he is so tiny and so new and I was terrified for him. Prayers answered- Lincoln has been healthy and eating well throughout the ordeal. I’m not sure how he avoided it because it was pretty much like the ebola virus running through my extended family. I kept fluids going (even though I saw them all again. Again, tmi?) and thankfully I was able to nurse him when he needed it.  Also- throwing up with a healing c-section incision? Not my favorite moment.

Today we are doing so much better. I’ve done about a zillion loads of laundry and washed our entire house. It might have been faster to just incinerate everything, but slightly less convenient. Isabelle has watched all her favorite movies and sampled all the gatorade in the fridge.

Honestly I can not think of a more ridiculously miserable night to experience as a family. Ironically, Isabelle got her booster flu shot earlier that day and I also received a flu shot in the hospital, so THANKS FOR NOTHING.

1 thought on “the plague.

  1. I can't believe this post. It's probably the worst thing I've ever heard in my whole life. So so so glad you're all better and Linc is free and clear!


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