linc + izzie

I’m convinced Isabelle is the sweetest big sister in the whole world. She has been adorable since we brought baby Lincoln home from the hospital… she brings him tissues and helps burp him and is always concerned wondering, “where baby linc??” Usually he is asleep and she says “Let’s WAKE HIM UP.” She doesn’t understand why her size diapers can’t fit him, she likes to stand on a stool while we change him so she can “help.” He is the first thing she asks for him the morning and the last thing she checks on before bed.

I think part of the reason the transition is going so well is that Jazz has had the last few weeks off of work. Can you believe it? Two parents home! We are man to man defense here people! He has payed special attention to Isabelle, making sure she has ample playdoh/coloring/outside time while I basically sit around and nurse all day. I forgot how time consuming feeding a baby is- pretty much a full time job. Anyway.

We have two kids. How did that happen.

Baby Linc, five days old. “I hold him!”

She constantly wants to get in his crib/moses basket/ car seat with him.

The Redding grandbabies.

Isabelle was SO proud to introduce him to her cousins. Super smiley.

Leilani, on loan.

One of the cutest things EVER is she likes to sit by me when I am nursing the bebe. She sits on the feet part of the recliner and rests her head on the pillow and just hangs out. Makes my heart explode. “Mama I sit by you?”

She found this size 12 month vest and wore it around for the whole day. And the hat? Major drama when it wouldn’t stay on her head while she napped.
Our first outing to Target. We bought animal cookies and baby supplies.. success.
I’m sort of nervous for Jazz to go back to work and I’ll have to juggle both babies by myself. Isabelle will inevitably need things while I nurse and I’ll have to just figure that out, right? Tell me it’s possible!

Love my two babies.

3 thoughts on “linc + izzie

  1. Looooooove.1) He will nurse much less in the near future, and that makes the juggle SO MUCH EASIER. I really don't know how people do it without any paternity leave at the very beginning.2) Dot has those reindeer PJs and is wearing them right now AND I LOVE THEM. 3) Madi = GIANT and such a grown up!4) I think he looks less like Iz the less newborny he gets. 5) I'm jealous the transition is going so well! Duggle hated Dot IN THE HOSPITAL. No exaggeration.


  2. This post makes my heart so happy! I've been dying to see pics of the two together in bulk! The best part about two is the together part and it takes love to so many new levels! It is possible and you will be great!! Love you and your crew so much!!


  3. Stop posting cute baby pictures. It is making my ovaries ache & I just can't do another baby. 😦 You are doing great and you will continue to do great. You will learn to do many things one handed while you nurse.


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