Lincoln Michael

Lincoln Michael Sorensen was born January 14th, 2012 at 2:13 am
7 pounds, 9 ounces, 19 1/2 inches long

We are totally in love.
We are all home and healthy and happy and BOY do I have a story for you!
More to come.

9 thoughts on “Lincoln Michael

  1. I was certain I was going to implode. Now I feel so much better! I love, love, love seeing all your smiling faces. Lincoln is absolutely precious and the perfect addition! Congrats!! xoxo


  2. Congratulations!!! He is seriously so cute. I am so happy for you guys!


  3. I know I didn't look that good after having a baby. Seriously, you look amazingly beautiful. I am so so happy for you. Lincoln is precious.


  4. couple things here: 1. i was honestly really really excited when i saw you'd had your baby- congratulations!! 2. i am a tad obsessed with your name choice (obv) 3. good crap you are HOT


  5. Congrats to all four of you! Can't wait to here the story!!


  6. I've been waiting on a post about this cute lil munchkin!! Congrats again and I'm anxiously awaiting this story!!


  7. He is so precious! He looks so much like Isabelle I think! Congrats on the healthy little boy!


  8. Congrats and everything, but get to the STORY already!!! 🙂 Just kidding. Sorta.


  9. That first picture of him, he is definitely a cookie cutter of his sister. So dang cute.Kathryn is going to be jealous of his name.Congratulations big time. Can't wait to hear the deets.


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