Isabelle had her first sleep over last Friday at my mom’s house. Jazz had a company work party that was non-baby friendly so we planned to have a practice overnighter with Grandma. We got all fancy! Isn’t my mom’s tree so beautiful? She’s the best.

Anyway. For the first time in 26 months, I left Isabelle for the whole night. I did really great all evening until we started driving home after frozen yogurt and the closer we got to our house without our Isabelle the more I started totally freaking out. I knew she was over at my moms, happily in a pack-n-play, not even missing me in the SLIGHTEST. But something about not having her in my car or in her bed or in my house made me lose my marbles. I totally bawled my eyes out and kept proclaiming to Jazz “She needs me! She misses her bed! She wants to come home!” And in reality none of those things were true. Damn pregnancy hormones. I let out a good cry and then it was over. I slept well, Jazz slept well, and when he stirred at 7:45 the next morning I was already awake- bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to go get her. The best part? Mom made pancakes and bacon and eggs. I recommend her services highly.
Just a few days before that, Isabelle figured out how to take off her pants and her diaper while she was in her crib. I knew it was coming, because let’s face it she is super smart and trixy.. I thought she was totally sound asleep and I went in to make sure she was covered up and she was like SIKE I’m awake! And I don’t have pants on! Or a diaper! Suckaaaa!
I was laughing too hard to be upset, it just really surprised me! After a few rounds of me putting on her diaper/clothes and her removing her diaper/clothes, I got the tape out. We skipped the scotch and went straight to the packaging tape. WHICH SHE GOT OUT OF. She shimmied out of the legs without undo-ing the tabs. Clever girl. (Name that movie.) I double taped her and after that she was too delirious and tired to figure it out. Time spent awake past bedtime = about an hour and a half.
The next night she did it again so we did the backwards zip up pajama trick- which totally worked. Fun fact-Isabelle will not sleep in fleece, or anything with feet. I’ve tried all kinds of brands and organic ones everything and she just hates all of them. MAMA FEET OUUUUT. Have you ever tried to find zip up pajamas in a 3T that don’t have feet and aren’t made of fleece? Not my favorite task. And I am awesome at shopping. Also, Isabelle is apparently tall. Every time someone asks how old she is and I reply that she just turned two, they marvel at her tallness. Thus the 3T pajamas.
After a few nights of the backwards zips, we went back to her regular rotation of two piece pajamas and she hasn’t done the diaper trick again. (For now.) I just always worry about her tiny little feet being cold in the night…I’m hoping that once we get her in her twin bed she will stay warmer with a larger blankie. Or else we could resort back to the swaddle! I’m thinking she would probably houdini her way out of that too…

2 thoughts on “12/16/2011

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  2. Jurassic Park, OF COURSE! I use that quote at least 3 times a week.


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