36 Weeks

Welp. I’m 36 weeks.

We went to Davis again yesterday for my weekly checkup. This appointment began the cervical checks- yeahhh! I will spare you details but the appointment was wonderful and I met another great and supportive vbac doctor. I officially got the okay to move down there Jan 3rd instead of Dec 26th. If you’re keeping track, I’ll be 39 weeks at that point and ready to deliver at anytime. Hopefully. I go back every week until then.

It’s hard to remember what it feels like to not be pregnant. Bending is getting difficult. I’m starting to get those looks from people like “dear heavens when is that baby coming out.” I remember reaching this point last time and feeling like it would never end but I feel much more patient this time. Maybe it’s because Christmas has to happen first or maybe it’s because I’m in no rush to be induced. Either way, I’m still pretty comfortable and sleeping well. I do get out of breath super easily it’s embarrassing. I sound like a super fat wheezy old man.

The word of the month is NESTY. I just want to get everything set and ready in case the ninja comes early or we have to go to Davis. You know, in a perfect world I’d love to leave my house clean and laundry done but also like HA yeah right. Today I tackled the baseboards, doors and blinds and they were dirty to the max. Of course, now that I’m finished I may never be able to move again but at least that stuff is clean. The baby’s room is ready- as ready as it can be without a crib. I made a tiny pile of baby boy things to take to the hospital and still need to gather everything else I need. Which, by the way, seems overwhelming to pack for at least ten days stay for me, Isabelle, toys and entertainment, hospital stuff, postpartum stuff, new baby stuff, and anything else we may need while we are away from home.

I’m hungry a lot. I can not drink enough hot chocolate. I buy the sugar free kind so it’s 20 calories a serving but I drink two servings at a time. Today I’ve had three cups. Thats 6 servings. WHATEVER it’s basically free calories, right. I’m also having tons and tons of braxton hick’s contractions- especially when I’m active or lifting Isabelle a lot. I don’t mind them because I know they are a way of preparing so bring it on! Also I have twelve chins. This baby moves a ton and I can’t remember if it is more or less than Isabelle did (what is it about pregnancy that makes you forget everything.) He also gets the hiccups every single day without fail.

We did get a sneaky ultrasound last week just for fun thanks to some awesome people at Jazz’s work. It’s so nice to have perks like that! Baby is head down and measuring right on track, of course he was stubborn and would not let us see his face other than his cute little lips. I can’t believe how much bigger he is than last time we saw him on screen– I thought his hand was his face until the tech was like ummmm no those are his fingers, his head is over HERE and it’s HUGE.

Also, we may have a name! Just maybe.

PS: Exciting news…the ninja will have a baby cousin in June! Can you guess who is pregnant?

5 thoughts on “36 Weeks

  1. WHO'S PREGNANT?!?!?! I feel like it's the end of a good grey's episode or something….


  2. Seriously! I hate cliff hangers.


  3. We are thinking good thoughts for all of you! And have a wonderful Christmas!


  4. Another pregnancy??? Gah, I guess Sean and Rachel? I HATE YOU FOR TEASING.


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