izzies favorites.

I’m sure you’re aware of all the zillion fall shows back on tv this week. Our tivo is on EXPLOSION mode as it tries to keep up with our requests.. anyway, last night was the premier of grey’s anatomy. (If you haven’t seen it yet, this might be a slight spoiler alert, so beware.) Most of you probably don’t care about the show so I won’t go into detail BUT the end involved having to give their almost-adopted baby back to foster care while they worked out some problems.

Scene on tv: Mother of baby, holding baby, baby crying, baby being handed to case worker, mom trying not to freak out while calmly telling case worker a few of the baby’s needs and favorites before she goes.

Scene at my house: TEARS. Lots and lots of TEARS.

There are so many quirks about Isabelle that really only a few key family members know about- it’s probably one of the reasons why we have yet to hire a real babysitter… the list of instructions I would have to leave would be four hundred pages long. Typed.

Isabelle can not live without Olivia. It is imperative Olivia goes everywhere and does not get lost. Ever.
She takes milk before her nap and before bed time, in the red or blue sippy. ONLY those two.
She likes to wear her Nike’s with her pajamas in the morning.
Don’t let her see any snacks or drinks in the diaper bag or she will insist upon having them.
If she won’t sleep, she wants back scratchies or to rockabye.
She won’t nap until you have said an afternoon prayer on your knees next to the crib.
Also, she wants you to set the hanging lanterns swinging before you leave the room.
Do not pick her up right after she wakes up. She needs some acclimating time. This will make her grumpy indefinitely.
She does not take a paci.
If you lean in and say be soft, she will give you a “tiss” right on your mouth.
If she spits something out, she is done eating that particular food but not necessarily done with the meal.
Right before bath, she will use the restroom on the potty if encouraged. Otherwise, expect it in the tub.
She hates having her teeth brushed. Hates.
Oh, she won’t nap with a ponytail in. She needs it out. And she needs comfy pants on. No shorts. No denim.
She won’t wear bows. Don’t try.
Also, she has four rotating blankies, any of them will work but she needs at least one to sleep.
Don’t ever let her see you put Olivia in the washing machine.
She prefers the high chair tray on the second notch in, otherwise she will let you know it is too tight.
If she says “show” and “too,” she wants to watch how to train a dragon with toothless, the dragon.
When she is really, really tired she is extremely giggly and ticklish right under her chin.
She hates motorized toys.
She also hates most dogs. Oh, and the garbage truck. And the disposal.

It’s not like she’s a diva, I think most of these are perfectly ordinary requests.. it’s just we have taken two years to get to learn her preferences and maybe someday when she is 15 and hates me because I wont let her go to senior prom with an older boy I will remind her that her favorite thing used to be fiddling with the hair on her stuffed sailor doll.

typical pre-bed look:

Despite the appearance of sudden buck teeth, it’s really just milk.

1 thought on “izzies favorites.

  1. Izzy makes me happy. The end.


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