pink garage vomit.

Well isn’t this just a bit ridiculous. The bins on the floor are all of Isabelle’s outgrown clothes/shoes/hats etc. The clothes on the bed are for the new baby, some from Izzie’s pile, some new from our trip last weekend. I finally went through all of her stuff and organized it into newborn/0-3 month/3-6 month etc piles. As I pulled out her tiny outfits I nearly cried my eyeballs out remembering what she wore her first few weeks and how she felt and how she smelled. Am I the only crazy bat that is so sentimental about these things? It’s really bad. Pregnant hormones aren’t helping.

Sometimes when I am feeling REALLY nostalgic I look through photos from her first year and she looks so different but also the exact same. Her face is changing and she is looking more like a little kid and less like a baby and it is KILLING me because I want to freeze time for just a little while or at least slow it down.

She is like my little buddy now, she listens and responds and says stuff back to me and sometimes when I look in my rear view mirror and see her in her car seat I still can’t believe she is all mine. Like, she has been with me on this earth for almost two years and we have managed to feed her and bathe her and keep her entertained and so far she seems to be enjoying it. She seems so tall and so agile and so particular in her personality, it’s hard to remember her as a sleepy newborn at all.


I’ve mentioned before that her vocabulary is expanding exponentially, and everyday she says something new. Today it was the word “pooh.” As in, pointed to her diaper and proclaimed her business. Her voice is so sweet it almost made me laugh to hear her say it. She also knows a lot of animal sounds and her favorite is BAAA for a sheep, which she often yells out loud for no particular reason. She skips and jumps and gets so excited to see her friends, like Griff and Charlotte and Madilyn. She calls Madilyn by her middle name, June, and I have no idea where she picked that up. She grabs the phone and says “June? June?” Like she wants me to call her and invite her over. She also knows Jazz is at “work” every day and when asked about Grandpa, she states he is on his “boat.” Of course.

Our swimming days are coming to a close, the water is becoming colder and honestly I’m not sure how much longer my swim suit will fit me.

She did this all by herself, insists that I don’t help her. She likes snacks on the lid sometimes.

And this is when she tried to sit in the doll stroller. In case you are wondering, it did not hold.

Isabelle in doll stroller, take one- February 2010, four months old
Did your heart just LEAP OUT OF YOUR CHEST like mine did? Name one thing cuter. I dare you.
One of her many glorious hand selected outfits. Nap hair, yoga pants, and our rain slicker. And Olivia, of course.

See the mirror on the floor? It used to hang above her changing table until she KICKED IT DOWN. Now it rests on the carpet, which honestly she prefers because she can parade around in front of it. Oh, how I love this child.

1 thought on “pink garage vomit.

  1. I heart toddlers. And Isabelle is certainly in the top 10.


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