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A few weeks ago my friend Lanece texted me and was all “LET’S GO TO SAN FRANCISCO!” and I was all “YEAH THAT SOUNDS AWESOME!” So we did. We spent all Labor Day weekend exploring the city and eating as much food as we possible could. I have to say- this was our first non-family friend trip and we had a fantastic time.

We did some touristy things, like Lombard Street:

And stopped at Boudin’s to eat on the Wharf. Btw, their crab mac and cheese is straight from heaven.

Isabelle being coy. The weather was glorious- 60 to 70 ish, chilly at night, so perfect.

Meet the McDonalds! They are so easy going, we had such a great time with them. Griffin is nearly three and Isabelle loves to play with him.
We shopped at the wharf and bough matchy owl hats for our babies, not that either of them wanted to wear them, but whatever. 
On Sunday, we went to the Bay Area Discovery Museum on the other side of the Golden Gate. If you are down in that area and want something fun for your kids to do- go visit. We loved it- they had all these buildings set up with different activities for the kids to do. It is geared more towards the younger crowd so everything was Isabelle’s height and learning level. One room was like a softie room, everything was padded so they could run around crazy. Despite her face, Iz loved it.

Crawling through a tunnel has never been so fun.
So proud of herself.

The best part was the view- it was amazing. This was literally taken in the parking lot of the museum, great location.

And of course, my SF bff Leigh came to play. Iz loves her auntie leigh.
We went back to the wharf to go to Ghirardelli and scored free parking so we stayed a bit. Lanece and I both got the Sea Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate and I’m not kidding when I say I would sell my soul for a vat of that stuff, it was so delicious. We also got ice cream because we needed it, of course.

And what’s a trip to the city without stops at IKEA and Union Square? We loaded the car so tight, Jazz was stuffed in the back seat with all of our purchases.
Speaking of purchases, can I just say how WEIRD it is to be buying for a boy? I’m so used to pink and ruffles that I naturally gravitate to that side of the store. I had to mentally stop myself and switch sides so we could get some things for the new baby. I’m very picky about clothes, especially boys, I just can’t do the themed outfits or the stuff that says “Daddy’s Little Slugger.” I’m sorry, it just isn’t my thing. I know I can’t control it forever, eventually he will want a shirt with a truck on it and I’ll give in but FOR NOW we bought lots of soft onesies and sleepers. As I was taking the tags off, I just kept thinking, “I can’t believe it’s a boy, I can’t believe it’s a boy.”
Did I tell you how we finally found out? After we had our initial ultrasound and we weren’t able to find the gender, Jazz used his magic powers at work and got me an ultrasound a few days later. Which was also inconclusive. So we waited a week and tried again. ALSO INCONCLUSIVE. On our fourth try I was almost expecting to hear “welp, legs are crossed again!” but immediately within five seconds the tech had a very, very conclusive shot for us. It’s a boy. We were both shocked. And elated.
ANYWAY, this post is about our trip to San Francisco and somehow got to ultrasounds. The weekend getaway was a perfect retreat- weather was sooo nice and our company couldn’t have been better. Can’t wait to do it again… maybe Portland?

Other highlights include:
          -Lanece slide-falling between the mattress and the wall
          -Mexican food in the basement of Union Square Macy’s. (who knew!?)
          -Tyler introducing us to the most addictive Swedish candy in creation
          -Isabelle expanding her vocabulary by about five words
          -Waffles at our continental breakfast
          -Griffins random bloody nose
          -Scoring brand new black patent Dankos at the rack for 46 dollars
          -Reading The Help on the drive

2 thoughts on “san francisco treat

  1. I want to go there! It looks like fun. You don't even look pregnant…not fair!I am right there with you on the little boy clothes. You will soon find it is harder to shop for a little boy than a little girl. Jealous of your new Danskos. Those are exactly the ones that I want.


  2. Sure wish you had a shot of me sliding down the mattress!! H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S. We had such a great time with you guys! We will SO be doing another trip… S.O.O.N!


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