And then I turned 27

A week ago today I turned 27, and to celebrate it, we did a few of my favorite things. I woke up to this:

My favorite part is that all the mini air heads and perfectly spaced and facing the correct direction. Attention to detail, my friends. A few weeks before my birthday, Jazz just kept hinting he needed help knowing appropriate gifts for me. Luckily, I keep a bookmarked folder for just an occasion, and emailed him a bunch of crap that I would love to receive. None of which needed to be wrapped in a large odd shaped box, so you can imagine my surprise when I opened my gift.
You guys. It was a Dyson. The kind with a ball. The Mercedes Benz of vacuums. The end-all to housework tools. Ecstatic would be an understatement.  If you know me, you know I hate vacuuming. Of course now that has totally changed- I VACUUMED AT 7:30 AM. ON MY BIRTHDAY. I love my new Dyson so much and Jazz was SO SNEAKY pretending he needed gift ideas. Totally had me fooled, well done sir.
And then we had breakfast. Rice Krispies for Iz, and my favorite marshmallow mateys for the adults. I don’t usually eat MM because I’m always hungry like a half hour later, but it was my birthday and I pretty much do what I want. Ever noticed that rice krispies are the most difficult food to clean up? Like they get all soggy and stuck down in places and if you miss them they harden into concrete.

Then, for MORE birthday madness, we went to the lake and ate tuna fish sandwiches. Totally a staple in my childhood- lake water and tuna. PS I looked on Isabelle’s life jacket and it was made in 1987. The 80’s!
Isabelle had her first jetski ride. And was unimpressed.

Jazz surfed, which btw is his favorite thing ever.
Mostly I sat with my tuna sammy and kept the weight distribution of the boat correct.
AND THEN AFTER THAT. We got all ready and dropped the babies off for a night of adults only. Morgan and JR were in town, as well as my Uncle Kerry (and his cripple eye that dad had to fix) so our group numbered 9. I’ve been wanting to try that new tepanyaki steakhouse downtown called Kobe, so we ate there. I wore maternity pants, 75% because I needed them because I’m four months pregnant, and 25% because I knew I would eat too much. Win win.

We saw the 8 pm showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. I feel like the movie producers had me in mind special when they scheduled the release of this movie on my birthday weekend- I’m not kidding. We arrived at the theater two hours early, were first in line, and spent the time chatting with one another like normal people do. No diaper changes, no fruit snacks stuck to my clothing, no milk smears on my pant leg. Harry Potter is special to me, and to most of my family- we’ve been reading it since the beginning, we have all grown up with Harry.
In case you don’t believe me, here is a phone July 2007, when the final book was released. Morgan and I may have dressed up slightly, mom may have created and shipped us our own personal wands, and we may have waited all day and night with the other children to be one among the first few to read the book. I opened the book in the car on the way home, and read through the night until 7:30 in the morning- finished the book and turned it over to read it again. As Sabrina would say, “I literally devoured the book.”
The movie did not disappoint. Of course I believe the books are true works of art, the movies at best a poor mans substitute, but it was still a really great film. It captured all the important parts of the book and really made it SO EMOTIONAL. I have not cried that hard in maybe six or eight months- really it was embarrassing I felt bad for the people around me as I sucked in air and did the UGLY CRY. You know what I’m talking about. And when it was over we sat in our chairs and collectively exhaled with total satisfaction.
You can see from all the girls faces that there had been some serious sobbing. Morgan will love this picture.
It was a perfect ending to our perfect day.
I sure felt like a special girl.
Happy Birthday to me.

4 thoughts on “And then I turned 27

  1. Abracadabra!!! Happy Birthday to you!!!


  2. Love love love love. When book Seven came out I had it shipped with Amazon's pre-order and sat by the front door til it arrived. When it did, I read straight through the night cause I could NOT put it down.Happy 27!


  3. Happy Birthday Day Micci! You had an AMAZING day! Hope you have a great year.:)


  4. Happy bday.I'll mention that we have 2 book six's because Stephanie couldn't ride on an airplane for 87 minutes without it when she saw it at the airport even though she knew the book was waiting impatiently for her arrival at our home.


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