5 thoughts on “official sponsor of this pregnancy.

  1. Love it! Is this from Burrito Bandito (or whatever it is called)?


  2. um this looks SCRUMPTIOUS! we are officially having mexican tonight.bytheby my stroller is a baby jogger: city select & we are obsessed with it in a major way. i think it's heavy (the hubs doesn't) but it's sooo compact for a double & i love LOVE the configurations (16 possible) & that if my older doesn't want to do a stroller it's a wonderful single & it's super high quality & glides like a dream & the basket it GINORMOUS & i could go on & on- there are so many doubles out there so do your research but this is my recommendation 🙂


  3. Gimmegimmegimmegimmeeeeeee.


  4. that looks AMAZING! Is this from the famous Burrito Bandito?


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