She Swims.

Today was Isabelle’s first swim lesson, and I think she did pretty well-ish. We have a group of about seven kids that come over to mom’s pool, and then two instructors take them and teach them stuff about swimming. Like blowing bubbles and holding their breath and kicking.

Isabelle’s turn.

So far so good, nice and easy.

Holding on for DEAR LIFE.

Aaaaand time for her to go under.

Not so happy now. Is that the saddest face ever or what. And I’m the worst mom ever for taking pictures of her screaming.
This was perfect, one instructor had Izzie, the other had Madilyn.

And because this kind of applies to swimming, Isabelle on the boat. In Morgan’s dino life jacket from 1992.

I could eat her legs for a snack. Really.

1 thought on “She Swims.

  1. Aaaaaand I've found the new background for my phone.


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