trip to the tah, round two.

Tired of pictures yet? Ok! Here are more!

Isabelle and I made a special trip up to Sandy to see the Mackay Family. They kind of swooped in and took us under their wing when Jazz and I were newlyweds and moved into their ward. They were there when Jazz got baptized, knew as soon as were expecting, and helped me after Isabelle’s birth. Syd threw me a lovely baby shower- AND. Poor Garrett was one of the ONLY people to come over and help us pack up our 24 foot trailer when we moved. Just really, really good people. Since we moved, they bought a beautiful home and had a baby boy three days after moving. Busy busy! We got to catch up and let the kids play together, which Isabelle loved. She doesn’t get to play with many boys over here in lady land. Trucks were a whole new experience for her.

How cute is he?

Isabelle found this hat and was obsessed with it.

We took about fifty pictures of the group, but after photo three Isabelle threw a fit. Consequently, this is the best one. Actually, we are all looking at the camera. Ten points.

And of course, what would a trip to Utah be without Uncle Kerry giving us some sort of musical rendition from his childhood.

I know I didn’t get a picture of Sabrina at her office, so I forced her to come over and pose in her restaurant attire. They work together! Isn’t that adorable? Jared is demonstrating how the servers write their name backwards and upsidown on the tables at work. Talent, I tell you.

Sunday we spent most of the day up with our Sorensen side of the family. Here is Dayton, Ellie, and Isabelle. Can you tell that their genes are a tad dominant? I think they look so alike.

Again with the hats… I love this classic Isabelle face, like she is SO close to rolling her eyes and shaking her head at me.

The kids were so cute with Isabelle, chasing her and tickling here and playing peek-a-boo. I sure wish we lived closer! How can we get rid of the entire state of Nevada?

More snow and a gorgeous view. I love Olivia in this picture.

Isabelle loves magnets! And Grandma Bobbie

Bobbie just returned from San Francisco and brought the girls matching kimono outfits from Chinatown. Isabelle’s fits her perfectly, and the colors are really great on her.

This is where Isabelle gets her light eyes!
 The whole group. Britta, mom, Bobbie, Dayton, Me and Iz, Ellie.

Towards the end of our visit, Isabelle was getting sleepy and just laid in Dayton’s arms. For a baby who isn’t a huge cuddler, it was so adorable.

Utah friend Krystal dropped by for a hello- I have a very specific picture in my mind of Krystal holding Isabelle in her blessing dress at the brunch in our teeny apartment. Just a great memory.

I still have more pictures to document our trip and since this is my journal I can post as many as I want. No one is forcing you to read it. Wait, keep reading! The conclusion of this dramatic series shall follow shortly.
(Speaking of dramatic series.. I just finished Downton Abbey….so, so good..)

2 thoughts on “trip to the tah, round two.

  1. Those pictures are so cute. So glad that we got to see you and Isabelle. We miss you. Tell Jazz he has to come next time…or maybe we can make a trip out there. You had Garrett at boating.


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