Here’s a little video of my sweet little valentine playing hide and seek. Notice I am doing the majority of the hiding and the seeking while she is handling the laughing/cute/adorable portion of the game. Also, I sound like a canadian goose.

Isabelle LOVES to be chased. Even if I look at her a certain way, her face will light up all huge and she will slowly start backing away from me. It kills me, it’s so funny. SHE’S so funny. Can’t imagine my life without her.
Happy Valentine’s Day! Traditionally, Jazz and I have Mexican food and share a night in. This year we did healthy shrimp and broccoli….and each had one of those teeny mini ice cream cartons. You know the kind? Cherry Garcia for me, Reese’s PB for beardy J. After working in restaurants and waiting tables endlessly for multiple V-days in a row, you could not pay me enough money to go out in the madness tonight. And for us, staying in is perfection.

2 thoughts on “Fee-Fi-Fo-FUN.

  1. Not working for me. She is a cutie though.


  2. I don't know how I ever missed this amazing video. SO CUTE.


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