If a picture is worth a thousand words…

We’d have a dissertation.

So far in October we have taken 765 pictures. Seven hundred and sixty five! We took a ton on Isabelle’s birthday, then we had two weeks chock full of family visiting, throw in a visit to the pumpkin patch and our memory card is full. What did people do before digital photography? Could you imagine me turning in 30 rolls of Kodak film to Costco? I think not. Anyway, this post has more pictures in it- so deal.

Isabelle is full on walking now. I mean unassisted, where-the-hell-did-you-go kind of walking. Her first big jaunt across the whole living room was on her birthday…

And just today she has decided she can “take off” and “land” without anybody to help her. She walked into the kitchen while I was making breakfast and I was all “umm where did you come from?” I can’t say I haven’t been expecting this because she has been pretty strong in the mobility department for awhile, but it was still weird to see her little body just moving across the floor. She can suddenly reach new places (like the oven! exclamation point!) and she can get to basically everywhere in the blink of an eye. Now I must tape bubble wrap to all the hard surfaces in my entire house. Baby proofing just went to a whole new level.

Here is some live action footage for our far away family and friends. If you live close just come over and see for yourself.

Today was one of those days where being a mother is so joyful and rewarding. Isabelle was happy and she smelled so good and her cheeks were so soft and she laughed when I did anything silly. It didn’t hurt that she slept through the night last night- one of maybe a handful of times she has ever done that but hey I’LL TAKE IT. I’m a little shocked that my tiny infant baby is suddenly a toddler with these big teeth and moving legs and all of the grown up stuff she has been doing lately. She loves her new forward facing carseat- except she doesn’t love that when she throws her toys on the ground, she can’t reach them. She has also started to throw tiny fits, like when I go outside and she sees me heading towards the door she totally screams like “Excuse me, you know you can’t go out there without me.” It appears as if we have a tiny diva on our hands. Let’s be honest though, we knew that from day one.

3 thoughts on “If a picture is worth a thousand words…

  1. 765! That is impressive…birthday months there are always a ton and you haven't even hit Halloween yet!Isabelle walking is adorable. I wish that I could come over and see her walk. I love when they first learn how to walk. It opens a whole new world to them.


  2. She is so cute! And so big. If I have a girl will you please tell me who to make that little skirt she is wearing. That is if you made it anyway. So cute!


  3. So, so cute, Micci!! I love how she plants her head in your dad's shoulder!! For a nana or papa, that's the BEST feeling in the world. Arms open wide and making a beeline for Grandpa!!She is adorable.


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