Polka Dot Party!

We had a fabulous pink and yellow polka dot party to celebrate Isabelle’s birthday. I had SO much fun planning and creating and sewing for this thing, it was so great to have a project. I know it’s cliche but seriously, I can’t believe she has been part of our family for one whole year.

Pre-party all ready to go- I made her skirt then put it over a little tutu for extra fluff, and appliqued the fabric on her shirt.
Dessert table- lots of tasty treats
I made most of the food and the cake, I had a lot of fun making the cupcake toppers to match the invitations. I also sewed the pennant banner from polka dot fabric and double sided bias tape.

The poms are made from fabric, felt, and Styrofoam balls from the dollar store.

Pink and yellow cotton candy helped brighten the table.
Her party hat was made from an old wrapping paper roll, felt, and the same polka dot fabric. (Are you noticing a theme here?) I love felt. Felt is great for everything.

Her one year photo banner

agh I just want to eat her up.
Madilyn got the memo on the party color scheme…
We opened lots of presents together.
 Cake time!

 She was surprisingly dainty- she barely got her little fingers dirty.  I thought she would totally go crazy and stick her face in it. I guess she hasn’t learned the term “carbs” quite yet.

We had SUCH a fun party, Isabelle loved having people over, she just crawled and walked (*gasp*) around our family room from person to person. I felt so nostalgic and happy on her birthday, so thankful for her little life and her smiley personality. 

PS: I would love to share how I made/sewed anything! Let me know if you have a question.

8 thoughts on “Polka Dot Party!

  1. Is Martha Stewart featuring Isabelle's party this month or next!?!? Oh my gosh it looks amazing! And you all look so good. Happy Birthday Izzie!


  2. Hello Micci, can you say amazing!! Wow it all looks so great, I bet it took tons of time. I love it all and might have to ask how you did a few things. I LOVE it! And Happy Birthday to Izzie! It does go by so fast, doesn't it?


  3. Looked awesome. I know. I was there.


  4. Wow, what an amazing party! I love love love the colors and the homemade special touches you did. I would absolutely love to learn how you made the poms. (I am hosting a baby shower here soon and think it would be the perfect decoration.):)


  5. Ummm… yeah. I'm now going to go weep on my pillow for my birthday party FAIL for my poor neglected children.WOW. You're amazing and your little dolly is growing up too fast. ♥


  6. So cute! Love the whole thing. Explain to me the pom-poms just a little more.Amy Atlas has some competition out there.


  7. Can I say I feel like a failure right now…no party that we have had was a great as that! Isabelle's party was AMAZING! Am I allowed to love every little detail?More details on everything…the wreath on your door, the pom-poms, and wish I could do the skirt (Garrett might kill me on that one).So impressed that you made her cake! It turned out so cute. Man you are talented.If you are in need of another project Tanner's birthday is in March and Corbin's is in May!Happy Birthday sweet Isabelle!


  8. oh my god!!!lovely party!!!


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