Penn Trip Part 2

On Saturday, we ventured out early to the Farmer’s Market mostly because I HAD TO SEE SOME AUTHENTIC AMISH PEOPLE. We saw some Mennonites earlier in the week (who made some delish toffee pretzels) but it was like Diet Amish. I had to see some for real. The Farmer’s Market was super cute, lots of local people selling their wares. I wish we had some Amish people here because they have some amazing low priced produce. And cool hats.

Later on, John threw us a little BBQ to meet family and friends in the area. The food was delicious and it was so nice to finally put names with faces.  Jazz’s friends Lauren and Danielle came down for a visit:

Libby made some amazing pierogis, how have I not had those before? John, Libby, and Isabelle

This is Jazz’s first cousin once removed. Or something like that. Katie was so great with Isabelle, we almost stuffed her in our suitcase to bring her back home with us. Katie if you are reading this we have a spare room! And it’s sunny here! And we have In-n-Out! And Isabelle misses you!

Isabelle was passed around like an adorable hot potato. I was surprised how not freaked out she was to be held by strangers. Maybe this should concern me.
Aunt Judi, Jazz, Me, Iz, Karl, Katie, John, Libby. Judi was so sweet, she knows that we don’t have Dunkin Donuts out here so she brought us a dozen to nibble on. Plus she brought a super cute gift for Isabelle which will be featured at her birthday party. (In ten days! ten!)
Sunday morning we attended the church at the LDS building in the Danville area. I love, love going to church in a different place. It’s like a little piece of home that is always guaranteed to be the same no matter where we are.
Fancy Isabelle! Actually, Isabelle is mad that I am holding her arm down so she won’t fling that bow off of her head. C’mon Isabelle, humor me a little bit. It’s my right as a mother to put you in ridiculous things.
We also went out to visit Jazz’s Aunt Jan at her cute little cottage in Elysburg. (Btw, Jazz has four aunts with names that start with a J sound: Jan, Judy, Joy, Gerre. Took me awhile to get that all sorted out.) This cottage sits right on Roaring Creek, so of course we had to walk up the river to see the falls.
Jan, Arthur, Jazz, and an unamused Isabelle
The cottage sits kinda behind that old farmhouse. Isn’t it so picturesce?
I wish we could have stayed longer, there were so many things we wanted to do and places we wanted to visit- I guess that means we have to go back very, very soon. Mainly I’m glad that we got to visit family and really got to enjoy each other’s company. A big thank you to John and Libby for hosting us and cooking us amazing food- scratch pancakes, chicken n’ dumplins, cheese fondue, pierogi, roast and potatoes, bbq sausage- I think I gained twelve pounds.

4 thoughts on “Penn Trip Part 2

  1. I sure do love your cute little family. I too loved my trip to PA thanks to another family memember. So green!


  2. It's against the AMISH religion to have their pictures taken. They would probably appreciate it if you took it down. It's offensive, just like if you were offered coffee or a cigarette and they knew you were Mormon.


  3. I loved that you wanted to see the Amish people and that farm house looks like something from a book. Amazing. Izzie always looks so fancy and cute!


  4. We got the best beeswax lip balm from an Amish farmer's market in Ohio a few years ago. I'm almost tempted to make a trip East just to stock up again.


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