Isabelle’s Nursery

I wanted to share some pictures of Isabelle’s nursery now that it is a real nursery and not a guest bedroom/office/laundry room/etc.

Dresser: Craigslist, Mirror: Craigslist, Lamp: free from my mom’s DI pile
Glider: On loan from Scott and JaNae, Rug: Taipan
Baby: Not available in stores
Paper lanterns: Party store/homemade, Frames: Michaels
Bedding: JC Penny
Tiny chair and white shelf: TJ Maxx, Large white frame: Michael’s
Tiny teapot: gift, doily: family heirloom
Shoes from my infant days
Nightstand: Consignment store, Frame and shadowbox: TJ Maxx
Baby book shelf: Consignment Store
LDS art prints: Etsy, Frames and mats: Michael’s
I love this room. It is bright and happy and girly and I feel like it’s a room that Isabelle can grow into. I love seeing all the little details come together into one big success.

8 thoughts on “Isabelle’s Nursery

  1. LOVE it!


  2. Room is gorgeous! I love all the little touches!


  3. Micci, it turned out soooo adorable! Great work. And I love that you have crown molding. Ahh – it's beautiful.


  4. Oh I completely agree! You are very talented! It looks wonderful!!


  5. It is adorable. Will you please come back to Utah and help me decorate my house. Every little detail is perfect. I LOVE the shadowbox.


  6. Can I come and live in that room, too??Love the LDS Art. What's the seller on Etsy??


  7. So cute Micci. I feel inspired to do something creative.


  8. I love love love your nursery! What a great color pallet! I especially like the paper lanterns! Enjoyed paging though your blog. Seems so familiar…..


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