worst mom ever.

The other day I was trying to work on my Almost Finished Photo Wall in our front entry while Isabelle played with some toys in the family room. She was content for a few minutes and then just fussssssy to the max, making these loud screamy whine noises. I looked over from the hallway to see this:

She was trying to CRAWL THROUGH THAT TINY HOLE TO GET TO ME AND SHE COULDN”T FIT. And then my heart blew up. Needless to say, the work on picture wall was promptly halted in favor of  book reading and block stacking.

2 thoughts on “worst mom ever.

  1. Ha! Poor thing. That is hilarious. Babies are so funny. Little did she know, she could crawl around the couch and find her way to you.


  2. Sorry lady… you're going to have to try a little harder to get the “worst mom ever” award. 😉 That's really cute though! Trying to get through the two couches to mom… and then mom snaps a picture. HAHA! Love it.


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