shut the front door.

So we were enjoying a relaxing evening at home, just the three of us. We had just eaten dinner and we were entertaining Isabelle on the floor with basically all the toys we own, spread out like funfetti on our carpet.

Jazz goes, “Ummmmm, what is that.”

And I look. And what I see is not good. A little lizard is scampers across the carpet and scoots under the TV cabinet. Of course, I keep my cool and calmly get some things to trap it. Sike, I scream and grab Isabelle and jump on the couch and scream and scream and yell at Jazz to HURRY UP AND TRAP IT AND GET IT OUT AND PLEASE HURRY FASTER.

You guys, there was a freaking gecko in my house. A GECKO. IN MY HOUSE. So many questions. How did it get in. Where did it come from. Did it have babies somewhere. Has it been living here for months. How did it get in, how did it get in, how did it get in.

Jazz grabbed some Lizard Catching Devices from the garage and proceeded to corner it into a storage bin. Then he took it outside and flung it in my neighbors back yard. I know this thing LOOKS small but that container is 4 feet x 4 feet. So, it’s huge. And by 4 feet x 4 feet, I really mean 18 inches x 12 inches.  Jazz took this picture because I’m still standing on top of the couch.

Whatever, it much bigger ON MY CARPET. I had to vacuum after just because those tiny webbed feet gave me the heeby-jeebies. Does pest control spray for AMPHIBIANS.
Maybe it was just trying to sell me some car insurance.

4 thoughts on “shut the front door.

  1. Ha! Oh Micci… I am sorry. That would be very surprising. I am glad Jazz could help you out. I am sorry to laugh… but you worded it so perfectly.


  2. I am laughing so hard. I was expecting to see an alligator or something!! Geckos are harmless, Micci. It could have been a skunk the size of a small car or a beady-eyed racoon–which were two or my visitors last night on my patio step eating the leftover cat food. Good thing Jazz was around to fling the poor creature into the neighbor's yard!!!! 🙂 You've really pissed him off, now. He'll be back with all his gecko friends.


  3. Yuck! Chills just went up my spine as I was reading this. Good thing Jazz was home when he decided to make his appearance.


  4. I had to get a lizard out from under my couch a couple months ago. Twice!It ran back under as soon as it could get out of my corral (which was a newspaper on one side and the window on the other, leaving 2 sides open)I finally corralled it out my french door and to the huge outdoors. What a fiasco that 2 minutes was.


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