Some finds…

If you know me, you know I’m a bargain shopper. I love TJ Maxx, frequent consignment stores, and pay homage to the gods of Nordstrom’s Rack. Lately I’ve been scoring in the cheap crap department and I wanted to share some finds.

I found these sheets about six months ago on Macy’s online website. At $100 for a King size set, they were a tad out of my price range. We needed new sheets, but it wasn’t a sheet emergency by any means. These just SCREAM my style. So I patiently watched and waited and stalked. They came down to $70, then $50… and I kept circling like a sheet shark. Finally they were down to $39, so I went to my Macy’s store but they didn’t have my color. Taupe was nice, but I neeeeeded green. So I passed. The next weekend they dropped down to $29 bucks, plus $5 for shipping- a total sheet steal. I got them last week and totally love them. You may remember from this post that I’m not a fan of the Top Sheet. Well, not anymore- consider me converted.

I found this clock at Tuesday Morning’s for $39. It is large. Larger than my baby.

I really like how it looks above our double bookcases from Ikea.

I’d love to paint these bookcases white and distress them, but that is for another day. PS, See that couch in the clock picture? Well, we found a matching microfiber set- couch, love seat and chair at a local consignment store, still with the tags on them. They had been used in a model home and were no longer needed. $600 for three brand new pieces.  Scooooooore.
I found this little entry table at a garage sale across the street from my mom’s. It was ten bucks, already painted. I don’t have much blue in my house, so this may end up green or light gray or let’s face it, white. But it’s a perfect size for our entryway. Across from the table will be the Infamous Picture Wall, completion date unknown. Also, I found that rug on craigslist for $70. It’s from Anthropologie! Exclamation point! The owner was moving to New Zealand or something and had to sell everything, even her favorite rug.
And, if you wanna talk about REALLY cheap, I received this *free* necklace in the mail- I won a giveaway from one of the blogs I read. I love free stuff. I love CUTE free stuff even more. A $34 dollar value. (If you wish to purchase one, go here).
Anyone else have some good finds lately?

4 thoughts on “Some finds…

  1. I hate you. Not really, but kind of. I wish that I could find things like you. I am obsessed with that clock…the rug is beautiful.Can't believe that you converted to a top sheet. How does Jazz feel about that?


  2. Love it all! I do the same thing, and will for sure do more when we are done with school!


  3. I like the baby in the background.The rug rocks.I love the paisley sheets too. Did you find green?


  4. You definatly have good taste! I love how you decorate. When we get our own place, you need to come help me. I have NO decorating taste. I love it all! You go girl!


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