10 Months

Dear Isabelle,

Yesterday you turned ten months old. This stage in your life is so much fun- your personality is developing so much and you are SUCH a happy baby. One of my favorite things about you is this little contagious laugh- you giggle when you hear a silly noise or see something funny, and soon it is uncontrollable and you give this little sigh like “phew, I can’t take it anymore.” When you get moving quickly, either crawling or assisted walking, you get this adorable little panting noise because you are working so hard. It’s so cute to listen to.

You have six and a half teeth, with more on the way, as evident by the sheer amount of things you put into your mouth. You love to eat puffs, cheerios, ritz crackers, and yogurt melts.  When I feed your meals, you would much rather feed yourself and try to yank the spoon out of my hand every time, causing food to fly everywhere. I can tell you are just dying to do things for yourself, but haven’t quite figured out how to yet. You love to stand up, especially holding on the the couch, and walk back and forth, throwing all the toys on the floor until the couch is naked. You are so precise with your fingers and always notice little details- you love to pull on your dad’s hair on his arms when you are playing. You’ve almost mastered clapping and we are moving on to the art of a high five.

To my own chagrin, you figured out that I have been putting bows on your head nearly every day since you were born. Now you can reach up, yank them off and put them in your mouth in about five seconds flat. Soooo I guess we are done with headbands? That’s okay though because your lovely dark hair is coming in all fluffy and thick, you are so beautiful already.

Your father came home from work a while ago and you were playing on the carpet. As soon as you saw him, your face lit up, your arms flew high above your head, welcoming him home and just begging for him to pick you up. It’s moments like this when my heart is just gooey and the gratitude I have for you just explodes. We are so lucky.

Soon we will be celebrating your first birthday. Before you came, everyone warned me how quickly time would go by, how fast you would grow, how I would ache for your baby skin and newborn smell. I really can’t believe how much has changed in a matter of a few short months. I wouldn’t trade my time with you for anything in the world.

Love, love love you



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